Arthur C. Clarke Predicted the Internet Age, What do You Predict?

In the year 2041, what technologies do you think will have revolutionized our lives? How will our lives have

Starting Point: A Step Too Far

Celebrity billionaire Gus Goodman was notorious for a life and fortune wasted on a string of elaborate stunts. He'd

Artifexian – Color in Librus

Following on from my last post, “Color in Fictional Settings”, this week I’d like to look at how we

Stephen Hawking Issues a Challenge to Science Fiction Writers

In an interview with John Oliver (broadcast on Last Week Tonight in June 2014), Professor Stephen Hawking set a

Featured Story: Life and Death Around the Spire

Lief ran full tilt down the hand carved tunnel to the lower galleries of the Spire. It was Harvest

Elysium Concept Art Reveals The Torus Originally Had A Roof

In addition to its third act plot holes, one of the problems many sci-fi fans were keen to point

Starting Point: Waves of Dread and Joy

Ibrahim probed into his small leather pouch and retrieved a small blue emotiball. He placed it into the palm

Top 5 Worldbuilding Must-Haves

What if you work on your world for weeks, write dozens of spreadsheets or notes, create maps, invent species,

Starting point: Silently Drifting Past the Vail

Silently drifting on its way past the vail, Tyconderoga had been set on a course to intercept an asteroid

The Voyager Records – Carl Sagan’s Message to the Cosmos

Greetings fellow Earthlings, and happy Carl Sagan Day! On this day (November 9th) we celebrate the life of Carl

Inspiration Gallery #1114

In this week's Inspiration Gallery, we're featuring the work of Moroccan artist Badr Douah.

SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#9

Another episode of the SciFi Ideas Podcast with many and varied discussion topics including zombie ants, Will Riker's love

Could Life Evolve Inside a Gas Giant?

The idea of abundant ecosystems inhabiting planets such as Jupiter is by no means a new one. In 1975,

Starting Point: Ivory Towers

Jacob had a simple goal in life. Like everybody else in the camp, he dreamed of being one of

Featured Story: Going Up

The city sits on the top of a man-made mountain above the dust clouds and the dried out ground.

Google’s New Map of the Milky Way

Google have released a new interactive 3D model of the galaxy, and it features no less than 100,000 individual

Starting Point: Dawn City

Jay had seen the colony from each of these three high vantage points before, but the view from the

Featured Story: Nervous Stomach

My stomach clenched, my mouth had that watery feeling you get right before you vomit. We were moving at

Artifexian – Color in Fictional Settings

How to use colors in an interesting way to help transform the worldbuilding process.

Starting Point: The Aksu Nomad

The first nomad was reported in western China, near the city of Aksu on the old silk road. A