Starting Point: Discovery on Mars

I checked my digital compass. Damn red dust made it difficult to read, but I could just make out

Sciency Words: Ashen Light

First observed in 1643, ashen light is an as yet unexplained phenomenon on the planet Venus.

Featured Story: The Final Burial

“Do you reckon they’ll bury me?” said Sean, standing next to me with his arms crossed.

Starting Point: Refugee Centre Gamma

Taulav stared in wonder at the blue and green sphere suspended in front of space station gamma. Forever tormenting

Sciency Words: The Anomalous Precession of the Perihelion of Mercury

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably looked at planetary orbits and asked yourself: why does Mercury’s perihelion precess

Featured Story: Remote Control War

Justine Donner sat down at her Remotely Operated Battlefield Combat Unit’s controls, settling down the cup of tea she

Starting Point: Investing in Time

When I gave my nephew two hours of time for his birthday I was sure he'd waste them playing

Sciency Words: Lobate Scarps (Is Mercury Shrinking?)

Since the Solar System formed 4.5 billion years ago, Mercury has decreased in size by about 11 kilometers in

Artifexian Podcast: #0 Worldbuilding: A Defintion

To mark the one year anniversary of Artifexian, I decided to launch a podcast. The Artifexian Podcast. In this,

Colonizing Mercury: How to Live There

If you hunger for a quaint, frontier life far from the noise and bustle of modern society, then moving

Artifexian: Extrasolar Gas Giants

As I’ve mentioned before giant planets are often, wrongfully, left out of the worldbuilding process. Even if I concede

Artifexian: Gas Giant Facts

Think rings systems and diamond oceans and you start to get a feel for the awe inspiring nature of

Starting Point: His Holiness and the Egg

Today, His Majesty The Great Listener is emerging from his isolation chamber to make a speech, and the entire

Sciency Words: Hill Sphere (Why Doesn’t Mercury Have a Moon?)

Mercury does not and probably cannot have a moon. Why? Because the Sun is a bully.

Inspiration Gallery #0415

In this month's Inspiration Gallery we're sharing a series of spacescapes by artist Alface Killah, featuring three beautiful spaceplane

Humans as AI’s pets? …Okay!

We’d be the best damned pets ever, and AIs would be the best masters.

Colonizing Mercury: How To Get There

In several recent posts, I’ve said that nobody wants to live on Mercury. It’s too hot. It’s also too

Starting Point: G-G-G-Ghosts?

"Astute responding. Go ahead Recon 4."

Alien Profile: The Kaladians

The Kaladians are a race of crystalline people. They produce the finest authors, philosophers, scientists and artists in the

Sciency Words: Volatile

Many volatiles are so eager to become gases that they’ll sublimate, meaning they’ll transform from solid to gas without