Starting Point: Can I Have My Ball Back Please?

Once again I repeated, quietly this time, "can I have my ball back, please?"

Colonizing Space 1970′s Style

Just look at all the cool space stuff NASA will have built by the time you're 12!

Starting Point: Leftovers

We had made base camp on DM+397-45-83c’s major continent, near the structures. The planetary survey had found this planet

Could an Alien Creature Eat Sound?

This alien creature “eats” soundwaves. But, is that even possible? Can you think of a reason this creature would

How to Make First Contact

Please remember that Groznblasx flags should be flown at half-mast in remembrance of Ambassador Frlygrl's mother-in-law.

Starting Point: The Gathering

The Sails had begun to gather. Three, then five, then ten. Now there were nineteen, all hovering in the

Inspiration Gallery #0414

This month's Inspiration Gallery is a series of impressive landscapes and cityscapes created by American artist JW Bubb.

Creature Concept: The Spider Demon of Laskaris III

The giant spider demon isn't a native of this world, it was a visitor once. Transformed over several days

Starting point: The Last Picture of Jessica

Here's a starting point, and I'm going to leave it completely up to your imagination. This thing (what the

SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#5

In this episode of the SciFi Ideas Podcast, we talk about SciFi Max Magazine, our new story starting point

5 Animal Hybrids That Would Make Great Aliens

Pictures of weird and comical animal hybrids seem to have infected the Internet like a case of H1N1 lately. As

This New Sci-Fi Magazine Is Even Better Than We Were Expecting

This week saw the launch of a brand new online science fiction magazine. The e-zine is called SciFi Max,

Story Idea: Willy Wonka’s Galactic Embassy

Rather than inviting us to tour an interstellar chocolate factory (that would just be silly), the aliens ask us

Starting Point: Ghost from the Deep

Is there really a demon ghost-shark on the loose, or is it just Mr. Renard in disguise?

Big Bang and Brane Theory

Scientists theorize a series of branes/universes existing parallel to each other, each separated by its own “frequency” that defines

The sexy sophont species from Daniel M. Bensen’s New Frontiers

Like clownfish, oonkhs change sex depending on social hierarchy, with a big male "husband-pet" for every harem of "owner-wives."

Dealing with Harsh Realities through Genre Fiction

As I often do when things disturb me, I looked for a way to deal with my emotional response

Starting Point: Fox 1

"Red Shark 2 closing on target," I confirmed, swallowing my fear and trying my best to sound calm and

Inspiration Gallery #0314

In 1939, pulp fiction magazine Fantastic Adventures commissioned Frank R. Paul to produce a series of speculative depictions of

Creature Concepts from David Aguilar’s ‘Alien Worlds’

Aguilar has populated his imaginary universe several distinct planets and provided details about their inhabitants.