Starting Point: The Lost Drone

"Who are all these unarmed biological units?"

Inspiration Gallery #0714

The incredible artwork of Chris Cold.

Alien August Competition 2014 – Full Details

Full competition details for the Alien August Competition 2014.

Artifexian: How to Create a Classical Planetary System

Edgar begins a walkthrough lesson on building a classical planetary system capable of supporting life.

The sticky gravity bomb – Looking For Gravitation In All The Wrong Places

Things were not peaceful at Epic Battlez' Hero And Villain Consultancy Service.

Five Ideas From The Simulated Multi-verse

Wow. This blows my mind and my penis.

Car-hackers of the driverless revolution

We called them "Cackers", car-hackers, people who altered the in-built behaviours of their own vehicles.

The Solar System as a Patchwork Quilt

It's surprising how small (or large) some of the solar system's more interesting moons are compared to the Eart

Artifexian: Formation of the Solar System

Before we start baking our apple pie, let's take a look at grandma's old recipe book to see how

Alien August is Back!

I'm very pleased to announce that Alien August will be making a return this year.

Story Idea: In Silico

The story will be told from the viewpoints of various characters spread out across the planet. One character is

Starting Point: Syzygy

This was a one shot deal. It was either go now or spend the next two decades repositioning the

Polynesian Space Gazette

Hearing about all the fun author Steve Merrick was having with his futuristic news blog The Polynesian Space Gazette, we

Artifexian: Galactic Musings

Edgar ponders which type of galaxy is the best suited to habitability.

Featured Story: How to Kill a Cyborg Dinosaur

The cadets reacted variously, some showing clear respect and awe for the massive dreadnought, others trying to work out

6 amazing videos from Elite: Dangerous

This post concludes my week as commander-in-chief (I totally made that role up) of SciFi Ideas and I’ll be handing

Alien profile: The Dirt-Eaters of Corohawk

This alien profile was written for us by Chris Kentlea from Ennead Games. Chris challenged me to find a suitable image

Artifexian: Galactic Habitable Zone

Did you know that galaxies also have habitable zones? Edgar explains...

Starting point – How to kill a cyborg Dinosaur

“This is a crazy war we’re fighting, but if you want to hit the enemy right where it hurts, you’re

For the love of space opera

This article was originally posted on Veronica Sicoe’s blog, and is re-posted here with permission. Space opera is my favorite