Sciency Words: Volatile

Many volatiles are so eager to become gases that they’ll sublimate, meaning they’ll transform from solid to gas without

Starting Point: Aunt Chelsea’s Planet

I should have sold it. I still can, but now I know too much about the place to offload

A Solution for Long-Term Living on Low-Gravity Planets

There is another way to simulate a full Earth gravity on a low-gravity world; a real solution that doesn’t

Sciency Words: SOHO

SOHO is positioned between the Sun and Earth, and its mission is to monitor and study solar activity. Launched

Starting Point: Decisions, Decisions

Time was slowly running out. Grayson had to decide on a course of action.

Sciency Words: Moreton Waves – Sun Surfing

Okay, so you can’t really go surfing on the Sun, but if you could, the Sun’s got some pretty

Starting Point: The Cruithne Report

It was a slow news week and somehow a report about poor standards of safety on Cruithne made it

Inspiration Gallery #0315

See the inspirational work of the American artist, Mark Zug, concept artist and illustrator of several novels.

Sciency Words: The Carrington Event

Here’s the good news: the world didn’t end.

Starting Point: E=M2C4

The Many Worlds Translocator™ began to hum loudly. It slowly shifted into a shrill high tone, and violently bright

Story Idea: One of Our Wormholes is Missing

... And so somebody pulls a dusty old tarp off some old equipment, and the rescue mission begins.

Sciency Words: Ejecta

This is the fancy, technical term for stuff that gets thrown around whenever violent things happen.

Story Idea: Underhill Oversees

If you could build your own stargate and link it to one other country, which country would you choose?

Starting Point: Captain, Sweetie

"You brought me down from the ship for this? It looks like a bloody tree."

Sciency Words: Eccentricity

According to Kepler’s laws, no planet has a perfectly circular orbit. The “established norm” is a myth.

Starting Point: Any Landing You Can Walk Away From…

Alex Brunner was standing the surface of Mars. It was amazing. What was more amazing was that he had

Inspiration Gallery #0215

This month's Inspiration Gallery features the astounding artwork of Swedish artist Simon Fetscher.

Sciency Words: Chromatophore

Chromatophores are special cells in the skin of some animals, most notably the squid and the chameleon.

Artifexian – Dwarf Planet Info

Here's a video on dwarf planets. Chronicling everything from crazy tilts and orbits to seasonal atmospheres and potentially mining

Starting Point: Cowboys and Dinosaurs

He rode into Lodestone on the back of green and red feathered Struthiomimus. At his hip was his Smith