Sciency Words: Anthropocene

Anthropocene loosely refers to the era of Earth’s geological history when human beings (anthropos is Greek for human) have

The Trouble with Terrestrial Planets | Artifexian

When constructing terrestrial planets, a worldbuilder needs to work with three important variables: mass, radius and density. Set those

Let’s Talk About What Simon Pegg Said

Simon Pegg insults the genre in which he's made his name, and gets away Scotty free!

Starting Point: Beyond the Black

It was supposed to be just another homicide case for Detective Burton Oalde. The only noteworthy footnote to the

Britannia Rules the Stars – An Alternate History Timeline

A timeline of alternate events, beginning in 1914, which sees the British Empire not only maintain its place as

Sciency Words: Venus Syndrome

Turning Venus into another Earth is, in short, difficult. So instead, how about we turn Earth into another Venus?

Let’s Fix Venus

Venus wants to kill you. With its sulfuric acid clouds, dangerously high atmospheric pressure, absurdly high surface temperature, et

Starting Point: The March of the Marliebrachs

It was a perfect moonsummer's evening on the banks of the estuary. The weather was tepid and the waters

Sciency Words: Global Resurfacing Event

Sometime between 300 and 600 million years ago, Venus experienced what scientists call a global resurfacing event.

Colonizing Venus

Could we colonize Venus? Sure. It’s definitely possible, and there may be good scientific reasons for doing it.

Starting Point: Any Difference That Makes No Difference…

It was on a Thursday, in 1976, that I selected to visit. My parents and brother were out and

Sciency Words: Ad Hoc Hypothesis

“Ad hoc” is a Latin phrase meaning “for this,” as in “for this one and only one purpose.” Within

Life on Venus?

Venus loves keeping secrets. One of the biggest, most frustrating secrets has to do with the planet’s upper atmosphere.

Starting Point: Discovery on Mars

I checked my digital compass. Damn red dust made it difficult to read, but I could just make out

Sciency Words: Ashen Light

First observed in 1643, ashen light is an as yet unexplained phenomenon on the planet Venus.

Featured Story: The Final Burial

“Do you reckon they’ll bury me?” said Sean, standing next to me with his arms crossed.

Starting Point: Refugee Centre Gamma

Taulav stared in wonder at the blue and green sphere suspended in front of space station gamma. Forever tormenting

Sciency Words: The Anomalous Precession of the Perihelion of Mercury

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably looked at planetary orbits and asked yourself: why does Mercury’s perihelion precess

Featured Story: Remote Control War

Justine Donner sat down at her Remotely Operated Battlefield Combat Unit’s controls, settling down the cup of tea she

Starting Point: Investing in Time

When I gave my nephew two hours of time for his birthday I was sure he'd waste them playing