Creature Concept: Fungal Hound

Fungal hounds are tripodal, bi-tailed fungal/animal fusions; arising from a symbiosis of the two it represents an entirely separate

Story Idea: New Neighbors by John H Reiher

Devi Theld was working on the next crew roster, currently the crew was not working at its best, and

Starting Point: The Ones That Bleed

I, Victras, the devourer of marrow, will purge the humans from this universe!

Inspiration Gallery #0914

In this month's inspiration gallery we're looking at a series of weaponized robotic animals by Robert Chew.

Attack of the Neo-Soviet Nuclear Super-Giraffes

The invasion has begun! Prepare your emergency shelters, lock up your statues, and hide your salmon!

Could the Moon Fuel Earth for 10,000 Years?

But is this the best way to go about getting Helium 3?

Should We Hide the “Science Fiction” Label?

The trouble with the SF label may be the fact that it is too broad.

Starting Point: Performance Art

It seemed I had landed my time machine in the middle of a sculpture park!

Displaced Uranus

Planets in the solar system are disappearing!

Dan’s Voyage vs. the Drake Equation

For each and every race I carefully consider a different way for them to avoid this strange bit of

SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#8

A special Alien August episode of the podcast, in which we discus our favourite entries from the competition.

Creature Concept: Copterbug

The copterbug is an alien which has evolved on Venus.

The Winner of the Alien August Competition 2014

And the winner is...

Starting point: The Tallest Hyperfungus

The largest airships from the 8 continents had been summoned to "Old Wirespire"

Alien Profile: The Vel’takz

A race of pirates and scavangers. Submitted by Jake Salter.

Alien Profile: Gatalax

The Gatalax are a jellyfish-like race of aliens.

Alien Profile: The Urelians

An alien August competition entry by Jake Salter.

Alien Profile: The Novii

The Novii are a race of tall aliens from the planet Tau Saggatari E. They are twice as tall

Alien Profile: Xacklon

An Alien August competition entry by Ben Robinson.

Alien Profile: Sibranthi

When human xenographers started exploring the Sibranthi homeworld, they documented three distinct species...