Sciency Words: Ring Arcs

The existence of these arcs doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Ring particles should spread out the fill

The 21st Century, as Imagined in the 19th Century

Before we laugh too hard at these images, it might be worth reminding ourselves that our own predictions of

Starting Point: Cold Star

Experts are baffled. Everything we had ever known about physics, astronomy, and cosmology are unraveled by this singular object.

Sciency Words: Planet X

Planet X is perhaps the most abused term in modern astronomy. The name has been coopted by astrologers, conspiracy

Starting Point: The Oracle

"You are truly blessed. Sagan is one of the greatest and wisest prophets."

Sciency Words: Centaur

It is believed that most centaurs used to be Kuiper belt objects or objects from the scattered disk: basically,

Inspiration Gallery 1601 – Elite: Dangerous

The thing that's really striking about Elite: Dangerous is how good looking it is. A few of these images

Alien Profile: Oceonis

The Oceonis have constructed magnificent underwater cities, which are the envy of hundreds of alien civilizations across the known

Starting Point: The Drifter

Luca stared at the unconscious figure lying next to him. The man wore a purple desert garb with some

Space Engineers Survival Challenge: Part 6

If I'm going to get my hands on all the ore buried beneath the desert's surface, I'm going to

Sciency Words: Cantaloupe Terrain

This heavily dimpled surface topography, which bears an uncanny resemblance to the skin of a cantaloupe, is unique to

A Look Behind the Scenes

In one Star Trek TNG episode the Enterprise explodes (several times actually). Explosions can't be done very well in

Starting Point: Ape-pience

Able Spacechimp Lancelot Muggs was working the problem. 'Always work the problem,' he thought as he flipped switches, turned

Space Engineers Survival Challenge: Part 5 – A Grand Day Out

I’ve set myself a challenge, playing the PC game Space Engineers in ‘survival mode’. Stranded alone on an unpopulated

Sciency Words: Flagship Mission

In relation to the ice giants, everyone seems to agree that a discovery-class mission could never reach Uranus or

Starting Point: Auld Lang Syne

As he drunkenly swayed in the general vicinity of the urinal, Mark heard the DJ say something muffled and

Space Engineers Survival Challenge: Part 4

Last night I dreamt I was visited by Finagle's ghost. The ghoul rattled broken chains and reminded me of

Sciency Words: Occultation

Occultations are a rare and wonderful cosmic coincidence, and they also provide astronomers with an incredible opportunity. Whenever an

SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#13

In this episode we review the year 2015, discussing our favourite movies from the year and the the most

Space Engineers Survival Challenge: Part 3

Exploding refineries, exploding turrets, can this day get any worse?