Alien Profile: The Darmak

An Alien August competition entry by Noah Hookstra.

Alien Profile: Shearzari

They “lay” soft jelly-like eggs. Unwanted eggs are typically eaten as a delicacy.

Creature Concept: Conductor Mite

A creature that feeds on pure electrons.

Alien Profile: Kzzts

The Kzzts are a species that eats electrons as a food source.

Alien Profile: Galaxy Mold

These plant-like organisms invade galaxies and darken the stars.

Alien Profile: Uslaw Rovnitov

An Alien August competition entry by Peter Berghold.

SciFi Ideas Podcast Extra (Ep#7.1)

A short minisode cut from the end of last month's podcast.

Starting Point: Swimming in the Light

There was something moving. Shadows, swimming in the light.

Creature Concept: Asymmetrical Tree Crab

This crab-like creature spends most of its adult life in the trees.

Searching for the Seedlings

many civilizations seek the Seedlings in order to understand the fundamental rules of creation

Creature Concept: Jellyback

The jellyback is a tall creature which feeds on the high fruits of certain trees.

Planet Profile: Salsola

A planet with an extreme axial tilt where life flourishes.

Creature Concept: Lode Stone Sprite

Alien creature concept by Vincent Covellio.

Alien Profile: Pekone-Seijin

After millennia of peaceful existence, Pekone was visited by a massive space-travelling bio-city from the Free Genetics organisation.

Alien Profile: Parzdomum

From the Night Galaxy comes the kaiju Parzdomum.

Alien Profile: Biologically Continuous Gleema-Seijin

A strange alien species with a very short lifespan of only 10 minutes.

Alien Profile: Asharans

One of the Asharans experiments with time and space has gone horribly wrong.

Creature Concept: Beach Climber

A 4 legged alien that lives on the coastal cliffs on Fentil.

Alien Profile: The Clouds of Azani

The clouds of the planet Azani are sentient gaseous beings.

Alien Profile: Hol’Korth Rah

An Alien August competition entry by Peter Berghold.