Sciency Words: Silicosis

On Earth, the inhalation of silica dust can cause a respiratory disease called silicosis. Symptoms include coughing, shortness of

AltMap: Khaaan!

This might not be entirely plausible, but give us your best guestimates please.

Inspiration Gallery #0615

In this week's Inspiration Gallery we feature the work of Romanian concept artist Ioan Dumitrescu.

Starting Point: Law of the Lawless

Jess had heard some of the crazy folklore about surface conditions on Venus. There were stories - wild, unbelieveable

Sciency Words: Jiffy

Gilbert Newton Lewis proposed jiffy as a unit of time defined as the amount of time it takes light

AltMap: Holy Romans Batman!

Our second alternate history map challenge.

Khan, Failed Savior: A Better Alternate History

It’s a shame Abrams never got this idea; it would have made a story GALAXIES better than Star Trek

Starting Point: The Atlantic Plughole

"Don't tell me... it's gotten bigger?" The Prime Minister waited for my reply as I surveyed what was official

Sciency Words: Cold Trap

The only way the Moon can hold on to its water is to keep it well hidden from the

Featured Story: Nothing Besides Remains

Father Shepherd rode the lift down into the lowest levels of the archaeological dig, ancient remains from 500 years

AltMap: New Alternate History Challenge

Each week I'll be sharing a different alternate history map. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is

Starting Point: At the Festival of Ah Mun

In spring, visitors to Tikal can participate in the Festival of Ah Mun, the god of maize. The pageantry

Sciency Words: Thalassocracy

Future space-faring societies might end up behaving more like ancient thalassocracies than modern nation-states.

Artifexian Podcast #1 : Thoughts on Stars

Artifexian Podcast #1 : Thoughts on Stars. Edgar and Bill discuss the superbowl, UFC and stellar bodies. Listen as

7 (Poké)planet Types | Artifexian

Terrestrial planets can be so much more than just barren, rocky planets or earth analogs. In this Artifexian video,

Starting Point: Encounter at Ranzagoff’s

Danny almost jumped out of his skin when the xenomorph burst through the open doorway to Ranzagoff's Bar and

Story Idea: Atom By Atom

An alien helps a boy bring his father back from the dead by collecting his decomposed remains atom by

Sciency Words: Ideal Rocket Equation

Escaping Earth’s gravity is far easier said than done. The high, high cost of getting to space can be

What If? 50 Ideas for Alternate History Scenarios

Need some inspiration for an alternate history scenario? Need a point in time for your alternate timeline to diverge?

Starting Point: Intellects Vast and Cute

As soon as the lights went out and the door clicked shut Pankakzikee and Breexzeen began to busy themselves.