Good alien names

Need a good alien name for your story or game? Here’s some that were generated by our Alien Name Generator, which sticks alien-sounding syllables together. There’s tens of thousands of combinations, so here’s a few that we thought were interesting that could be used right now - or could inspire you to create a similar-sounding alien name.

Alien names generated by our alien name generator

The description below each name has come from our Alien Species Generator, which creates a unique sentence describing the alien species. It pieces together sentences randomly, sometimes with great success, and sometimes a little… odd. Well it’s supposed to be odd! Hopefully it can inspire you when coming up with a brand new alien species or civilisation for your story.

Name: Temernirs

Description: A race of cave-dwelling arachnids. The surface of their homeworld is extremely hot and prone to severe electrical storms, so most large lifeforms live underground.. They only live for 20 days. A mother will give birth into another creature's nest, so that she doesn't have to take care of it. They only pose a mild threat.

Name: The Ancient Klatets

Description: A race of insects with one sharp horn. They hibernate. The most rich members of society ritually go on a pilgrimage to a waterfall in the mountains whenever there is an eclipse They hibernate over their planet's long winter.

Name: Boseax

Description: A species of apes with a keen eye for a bargain. They live peacefully with nature. The majority live in transparent towers made from crystal.

Name: Klators

Description: Dim-witted bovids who have long tails with deadly spikes on the end. They have no anus, & never defecate. They live in caves, deep under the planet's surface.

Name: Moetti

Description: Ancient creatures who live in hammocks attached to a tall rock-face. They have to drink every 30 minutes, or they'll die. They are governed by a council of elders which makes important decisions based on a game of chance. They shed their skin once a month.

Name: Nirirans

Description: This species evolved on a high gravity world and has a long, slender body with as many as 18 legs (depending on an individual's age). Although they appear to be anatomically similar to centipedes, they do not have exoskeletons but rather cartilaginous skeletons surrounded by soft tissue and leathery skin. They don't wear clothes on leap years. They long ago abandoned their homeworld following a natural disaster and now live inside several hollowed out asteroids.

Name: Spabon

Description: A race of mammals with three horns on their head. They eat their own faeces.

Name: Suda'zed-lorians

Description: A race of intelligent mobile plants with six tentacle-like arms. Only females are sapient and able to move, males being simple pollen-producing plants of significantly smaller size.

Name: Blo'ala

Description: Selfish aliens who have flame-resistant skin. They are natural thespians. They are a peaceful civilization, dedicated to creative & leisure pursuits, such as art, music, dance & topiary. They have advanced scientific knowledge & an evolved sense of morality.

Name: The Immortal Gengi

Description: Cow-like insects who punish political prisoners by removing their vocal chords. They love eating fish. The majority live in treehouses in the forest. They are reasonably good at operating heavy machinery, & this has become their major talent.

Name: Odoreks

Description: Carnivorous aliens who have light-emitting skin. They are extremely promiscuous and breed constantly. Their homeworld is dangerously overpopulated. They are reasonably good at operating heavy machinery, & this has become their major talent.

Name: Kay'ed

Description: A species of clouds with no legs. They smell like potassium. They do not seem to experience any emotions. They are incredibly argumentative.

Name: Klakro

Description: Slow-moving aliens who have infrared vision. The oldest members of the society are sent to die in the wilderness. They are trying to evacuate their planet, as it's falling into a black hole.

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