Alien profile: The Skrav

ORIGIN: Unknown

SIZE: 6-7 feet tall

WEIGHT: 170-250 Ibs


For thousands of years the human race has been waging war across the galaxy across hundreds of worlds. It was the Skrav that destroyed the Earth’s sun and with it ended the billions of lives that lived within the Sol System. The Skrav either destroy or enslave. That is their way. The only leaders they have are the warriors that lead them into battle. If the first warrior falls a second immediately comes to take its place. There are no elections, no kings or queens, the Skrav are not a monarchy or a republic instead they act as if they are a hive mind. They have bred the fear of death out of themselves. They are a collective consciousness of minds that communicate to each other through their bodies and smell. Some even say they are telepathic.

Their ships are very human by design. They need oxygen to survive just like we do. They use a cross between metal alloys and organics for their hulls and electronics. When they go to war they wear battle armor that covers their entire body including two smaller arms that they have on their stomachs or what we think could be their stomachs. Their faces are split at the front and instead of teeth they use acid to dissolve their food into nutrients. The Skrav do however have teeth. Behind the skin that covers what would be their lips running up the bottom of their face from their chin to where their nasal passageway is there is a set of sharp shark like teeth that they can use to break through rock. They have two eyes that are usually either solid black or solid white. Those that study the Skrav believe that this is a difference in gender though no one is really sure if they have a gender.

No one knows why the Skrav are at war with the humans. It is possible that the Skrav were once a Tier III civilization that eventually collapsed turning savage and brutal. It is believed that they were fighting wars amongst themselves until they found mankind to fight against. It could be the Skrav see other races as inferior or that they don’t even acknowledge them at all.

Skrav technology is easy to reverse engineer for humans. Their starships use an immersion core to create a rift in the universe allowing the ship to physically enter a place called the immer (or aether as some would call it). In the immer the distance between point A and B is drastically reduced. It also eliminates the need for time dilation as time in the immer moves at a different pace then time outside. Imagine being able to walk through walls.

Their weapons are also very earthlike. They use rifles that resemble carbines and blades that resemble Persian swords. Their rifles shoot an assortment of ammo types such as projectile, laser, even sound. The Skrav seem to experiment with different types of strategies never using the same tactics twice. This could be seen when the first invasion against humanity involved them sending a platoon of warships that resembled daggers across our star system. When that failed they used stealth to turn our sun against us. They have also been seen dropping asteroids, even moving entire planets together to create world-ending results. The Skrav are responsible for more then half of the deaths in the Milky Way Galaxy. It is possible that their empire has even set up colonies in the M33 Galaxy and the outer rim of the Andromeda Galaxy.

The Skrav have a reproductive system similar to humans. When cut open the Skrav’s body is filled with tiny bones that are stronger and more dense then human bones. It is believed that the Skrav home world would have gravity two to three times stronger then Earth’s. Their skin is similar to human skin too except that it is ten times as thick and almost constantly wet creating a slimy residue and bark like texture. This information leads us to believe that the Skrav’s came from a super Earth, or planet similar to Earth but much larger.