10 text-based scifi games for android

We all love sci-fi movies, novels, TV series & comic books. But there’s another thriving creating medium where scifi is alive & well, & that’s in the world of games.

Many scifi games have great graphics, amazing worlds, cool spaceships & weapons. Sometimes they have great stories, but often the most creative of games are text-based, where there’s no limit to your imagination.

Text-based games aren’t new, they’ve been around for as long as computers have. Old & new, here’s a list of great text-based scifi games you can play on Android:

Out There

Set in space, Out There has an epic story, but told in very brief screens that gives you many options, making you feel like you’re in control.

You start the game waking up on a futuristic planet ruled by a cult, then have to escape & explore the galaxy. There’s multiple sequels, but the first game is free, & can be downloaded below.

Download it here


Lifeline is a fun game where you communicate with an astronaut called Taylor.

Taylor sends you messages, which you can reply using set responses, but there’s something dynamic about this. Taylor sometimes takes a while to reply, & you get a notification later after he’s been busy doing something. It feels like Taylor is a real person, who’s stranded on an alien planet & needs your help.

Download it here

Creatures such as we

Creatures such as we describes itself as “a philosophical interactive romance novel”.

There’s quite a lot of text to read before choosing from approximately 4 (sometimes more) options, so this is more novel than game, but with many branching paths. Set on the moon, you start as a character who’s hooked on a video game, then get to meet the game’s designers.

Download it here Play in browser here

Survival-quest ZARYA-1 STATION

Zarya - 1 is a survival text based quest with elements of science fiction, horror, & occasional humor.

In this game you will be able to alter the story by making choices, creating your very own adventure.

It’s got an interesting & cool looking interface, which allows you to make decisions in dialogue with the other characters. It’s also got the occassional nice graphics & video, which makes me unsure about adding it to this list of text-only adventure games!

Download it here

Flitter Inc

This isn’t an adventure game, but it is text-based. You start working at a tech company, filtering short messages (“Fleets”, essentially “Tweets”) where you have to decide which are spam & which are legit.

There’s more to it than that, but I won’t spoil the ending (there’s 5 different endings). If you’ve played “Papers, Please” this has a very similar feel, but more futuristic.

Download it here