Creature concept: The Acid Dragon of Zeta Anchora 3

Acid dragon - a monsterous creature

Artist’s description

Acid dragons are large, bulky, ground-dwelling creatures that evolved from flying, wyren-like ancestors. 
They body produce large amount of hydrochloric acid, which is stored in the sacks on the sides of their head. When hunting, acid dragons shoot the acid out of the fang-like tubes in front of their eyes. The strong acid causes severe burn to the prey, disabling or even killing the prey. The dragon will then “spit” more acid onto the prey and “dissolve” it into a semi liguid form, then suck it up with their tube tongues. 

When threatened, acid dragons shoots out an acidic mist out of the nose, which can distract or injure the enemy.

The planet name was created by our planet generator and added for the purpose of this article.  I thought it’d make this creature sound a bit more sci-fi than fantasy, in case you were confused by the word “dragon”. Although sci-fi is whatever you’re pointing at when you say it, right?

Artwork by Kevin Yan.