6 ways to generate a random sci-fi corporation name

Need to create a random corporation name? Maybe you’re writing a story and need the name of a corporation, perhaps a global megacorporation with too much power across the galaxy, or an evil company with a mission to put a planet’s other private corporations out of business?

Here’s links to some generators which will come up with a random name for you to use:

Seventh Sanctum Corporation Generator

This is a site with many generators to randomly produce concepts, characters, & descriptions for stories & role-playing games. The description for this generator says “Big corporations need the kind of names that are both distinct and general, and this generator is here for your needs”.

The company names generated are realistic, with a real-world kind of feel. Some feel a bit more science fiction than others, e.g: “Mcdanial Megamantics”, or “Globologistics” which would make perfect corporations names in a scifi universe. While some are incredibly mundance & could pass as just normal boring companies, e.g: “British Networks” & “Mechanical Research”.

Seventh Sanctum also has a Sci-Fi Government Generator which creates names which could also work as corporations.

Fantasy Name Generators Company Name Generator

This site has probably a random generator for anything you can think of! According to this particular generator’s description: “This name generator will give you 10 random names for companies ranging from entertainment and electronic companies to record labels and sports companies. The names have been based on real life companies.”

There’s 1000s of combinations here, and all are generated to be similar to modern tech companies, by combining 2 separate words. This is very useful for creating the name of a unique sci-fi company, although some of the word combinations are a bit bizarre!

This website also has a separate generator for Evil Organizations which might also be useful for creating a sci-fi corporation or villainous group!

Ennead Games Corporation Names Generator

This is a site for roleplayers which has useful generators for stats & names. The description for this generator states it “covers the names a modern or futuristic corporation may have. It may not reflect how they started, but almost everyone would know the name and what they currently do.”

It generates 10 at a time, & they’re ideal for using as futuristic or scifi corporation names, e.g: “Astro Concepts”, & “Advanced Cybernetics” although some end up being a little plain, like “First Legal”, & “Southern Limited”.

Donjon Cyberpunk Corporation Names Generator

Donjon is a website with generators for all sorts of names for writers, like Space Location Name Generator, and a Star Name Generator.

This generator creates realistic sounding global company names, using nonsense words or acronyms. Often the words sound international, specifically Japanese.

Namelix Business Name Generator

This site claims to “generate a short, brandable business name using artificial intelligence”, you have to first enter a keyword, which makes it different to other generators on this list. You’ll then be shown a list of generated company names, along with a logo (which you’d have to pay to licence, but it’s useful for inspiration). This is actually a toold for branding a real company, but no harm in using it for a bit of inspiration.

NamesGenerators Evil Random group names

A little bit more evil than the above 2, this generator creates 36 “Evil Group Names”.

The generated names are a little bit more fantastic, and more like the sort of name of a band of villains, but there’s some good company names in here, e.g: “Virus Corps”, & “Cobalt Council”.

Evil Company Name ideas List

This is a legitimate tool for generating actual business names, not a tool for writers, but it does have a list of cool sounding names for companies, complete with an actual logo - although it looks like you’ll have to purchase the rights to them. But, good for some inspiration.

Scifi Ideas Company Name Generator

Sneaking our own generator onto this list, the Scifi Ideas Company Name Generator creates futuristic sounding & unusual corporation names to use in your projects.