17 cool completely made-up planet names

Need some made-up planet names? You might be writing a story, or creating a game, or playing an online roleplaying game with friends.

Maybe your characters are space adventurers, & they discover a new planet. Not sure what to name it? Here’s some planet name ideas.

These planet names have been created by a random generator, & are completely unique.

  • Taton IV
  • Beta Duninax 233
  • Amaddon Aton
  • The moon of Ibda Galadaldi 9
  • The ringed planet of Aeruria Xioavera
  • Zemlox 3
  • The ghost world of Tampidor 274
  • Beta Winos
  • Wimomi Kepdai XV
  • Omega Tidenopia 185
  • The lava world of Beda V
  • Wonbongo VII
  • Zeta Ploangalia Camplox 302
  • Merclon II
  • Alpha Narangalia 8
  • Tapanellia
  • The ancient planet of Dikartes 118

To make up some more random planet names, use the Random Planet Name Generator.