Starship names from Star Trek

If you’re looking for ideal names for spaceships, you’re on ground well-trodden by the writers of Star Trek, which must have the largest list of named spaceships from any franchise!

Below is a list of Federations starships (including non-Starfleet spaceships) used in canon Star Trek (so not including books or games).

There’s more information on this wiki page about Federation starships, including links with information about each ship. A fun name on this list is the USS Alka Selsior, an an in-joke reference to the Alka-Seltzer brand-name of indigestion medicine, & a play on the name “Excelsior”.




Astral Queen







La Sirena





Raging Queen


The Festoon




DEV Eagle Valley

USS Earhart

HMS Bounty

SS Artemis

SS Augyn

SS Beagle

SS Columbia

SS Dierdre

SS Hatteras

SS Kogin

SS Lakul

SS Manila

SS Manoa

SS Molokai

SS Robert Fox

SS Santa Maria

SS Shiku Maru

SS Tsiolkovsky

SS Vico

SS Wisconsin

SS Xhosa

USS Adelphi

USS Agamemnon

USS Ahwahnee

USS Ajax

USS Akagi

USS Al-Batani

USS Albert Einstein

USS Aleo

USS Alka-Selsior

USS Antares

USS Apollo

USS Appalachia

USS Archer

USS Ariel

USS Aries

USS Armstrong

USS Aryabhatta

USS Atlantis

USS Baton Rouge

USS Bellerophon

USS Berlin

USS Biddeford

USS Biko

USS Billings

USS Bonchune

USS Bonestell

USS Bouman

USS Bozeman

USS Bradbury

USS Brattain

USS Budapest

USS Buran

USS Cairo

USS Callisto

USS Carolina

USS Centaur

USS Challenger

USS Charleston

USS Chatelet

USS Chekov

USS Chicago

USS Clarke

USS Clavyn

USS Clayton

USS Clement

USS Cochrane

USS Coleman

USS Columbia

USS Concord

USS Constantinople

USS Constellation

USS Cooper

USS Copernicus

USS Cortez

USS Crazy Horse

USS Crockett

USS Curry

USS D'hjty

USS Da-Teplan

USS Dana

USS De Milo

USS Defiant

USS Denver

USS Destiny

USS Discovery

USS Donovan

USS Drake

USS Eagle

USS Edison

USS Elkins

USS Elmer Fudd

USS Emden

USS Endeavour

USS Entente

USS Enterprise

USS Equicon

USS Equinox

USS Essex

USS Europa

USS Excalibur

USS Excelsior

USS Exeter

USS Farouk El-Baz

USS Farragut

USS Fearless

USS Firebrand

USS Franklin

USS Fredrickson


USS Gagarin

USS Galaxy

USS Gallico

USS Gander

USS Gandhi

USS Ganges

USS Ganymede

USS Gettysburg

USS Glenn

USS Goddard

USS Gorkon

USS Gremlin

USS Greyhound

USS Grissom

USS Grissom

USS Hathaway

USS Heart of Gold

USS Helin

USS Hera

USS Hermes

USS Hiawatha

USS Hispaniola

USS Hokule'a

USS Honshu

USS Hood

USS Hoover

USS Horatio

USS Horizon

USS Hornet

USS Huron

USS ibn Majid

USS Intrepid

USS James Fennimore Cooper

USS Jenolan

USS John F. Kennedy

USS John Muir

USS K'Warko

USS Kelvin

USS Kerala

USS Kongo

USS Korolev

USS Kyushu

USS Lakota

USS Lalo

USS Lantree


USS Leeds

USS Leondegrance

USS Lexington

USS Liberator

USS Livingston

USS Madison

USS Magellan

USS Majestic

USS Malinche

USS Malone

USS Mare Tranquillitatis

USS Maryland

USS Matte Fringe

USS Max Plank

USS Mayflower

USS Mekong

USS Melbourne

USS Merrimac

USS Min'ow

USS Minnow

USS Monitor

USS Muleskinner

USS Muroc

USS Musashi

USS Mustang

USS Nash

USS Nautilus

USS Neil Armstrong

USS Newton

USS Niels Bohr

USS Nightwing

USS Nobel

USS Non Sequitur

USS Northridge

USS Nova

USS Oberth

USS Odyssey

USS Okinawa

USS Olympia

USS Omaha Nebraska

USS Orinoco

USS Pasteur

USS Pegasus

USS Peterson

USS Philadelphia

USS Phoenix

USS Portland

USS Potemkin

USS Princeton

USS Prokofiev

USS Prometheus

USS Proxima

USS Pueblo

USS Puget Sound

USS Quiele

USS Raman

USS Raven

USS Relativity

USS Reliant

USS Renegade

USS Republic

USS Repulse

USS Revere

USS Rhode Island

USS Ride

USS Rio Grande

USS Robert Louis Stevenson

USS Roosevelt

USS Rubicon

USS Rutledge

USS Salcombe

USS Sarajevo

USS Saratoga

USS Sarek

USS Scovill

USS Seaquest

USS Seaview

USS Sentinel

USS Shenandoah

USS Shenzhou

USS Shepard

USS Sherlock Holmes

USS ShirKahr

USS Shran

USS Silversides

USS Sioux

USS Sitak

USS Springfield

USS Stargazer

USS Strata

USS Suleiman

USS Sutherland

USS Syracuse

USS T'Kumbra

USS T'Plana-Hath

USS Tecumseh

USS Thomas Paine

USS Thunderchild

USS Tian An Men

USS Ticonderoga

USS Titan

USS Tolstoy

USS Tombaugh

USS Tranquillity Base

USS Trial

USS Trieste

USS Tripoli

USS Truman

USS Tycho

USS Ulysses

USS Umibozu

USS Unicorn

USS Valdemar

USS Valiant

USS Valley Forge

USS Vengeance

USS Venture

USS Veracruz

USS Victory

USS Volga

USS Voyager

USS Wellington

USS White Sands

USS Whorfin

USS Wolcott

USS Wyoming

USS Yamaguchi

USS Yamato

USS Yangtzee Kiang

USS Yeager

USS Yellowstone

USS Yorktown

USS Yosemite

USS Yukon

USS Yuri Gagarin

USS Zapata

USS Zhukov

If you’re looking for spaceship names & this list isn’t enough inspiration for you, try our spaceship name generator.