SciFi Ideas has created this generator to help scifi writers and roleplayers quickly create a spaceship for use in a story, or as a random encounter in a roleplaying game.

There’s hundreds of thousands of different combinations of friendly Earth-ships, or alien ships to encounter, which you can use as-is, or as a starting point for developing your own ideas. Just keep refreshing the page until you find something you like.

bannerbutton-dtrpgSpaceship Generator

Spaceship name: Khrelir
Type: Fast Support craft
Condition: Parts of the hull appear missing
Weapons: Front and rear mounted Laser Turrets
Defence: V3 Electronic deflector shield
Constructed by: The Gozima alliance

Spaceship name: Kuulaaz
Type: Dejol-class raider
Condition: In need of extreme repairs
Weapons: Antiphoton Torpedoes
Defence: Covariant deflector array
Constructed by: The Mazons alliance

Spaceship name: Bokub
Type: Mammoth drone
Condition: A bit scratched, but spaceworthy
Weapons: Variable zepto-Tetryon turrets
Defence: Standard Anti-quantum energy shield
Constructed by: The Selubari alliance

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