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The following article was written by science fiction writer Brandon Lampitoc.

sci-fi story ideasAs promised on the SciFi Ideas Facebook page, here are some nifty sci-fi story ideas I’ve had in my head for some time now. I’ve been planning on using them in my original sci-fi series, The Saga, or whatever else I end up involved with. Without further delays, here are those ideas to share with you folks:

– A slice-of-life story involving the trials, tribulations, and misadventures of a clean-up crew who are contracted by the government and their megacorporation partners to go out and perform clean-ups and artifact retrievals from battlefields where the combatants were military mecha and giant monsters.

– Another slice-of-life story involving mecha assembly and maintenance team that follows their lives both at work and off and deals with how such high-risk work has impacted them socially and psychologically.

– A memetic archaeologist/anthropologist undertakes the ambitious task to study the evolution and mutations that memes undergo from the perspective of another culture, particularly an alien culture who discovered encoded radio signals from Earth that were used to learn about Earth culture.

– A deep exospace archaeologist discovers a massive series of stationary dark matter structures orbiting around a large quasar group. These dark matter megastructures are using both the LSG and dark energy to perform massive amounts of computing. What’s more perplexing is who created such exotic megastructures and what purpose these megastructures could have.

– Well-known figures in the smuggler and pirate communities augmenting their bodies with strange anomalous artifacts and materials which have granted them interesting and incredible abilities that they use extensively in their work. A mysterious patron has made these figures an offer they can\’t refuse: access to near-unlimited wealth and resources in exchange for helping him find a way to cure the mysterious disease that plagues him. He informs them that the one possible cure might come from an swarm of organisms that are made from anomalous materials. So far, every attempt to harvest these creatures have ended in failure. However, the probabilities that these pirates might succeed where others have failed are very high.

– Archiengineers (Architect-Engineers) and Industrial Designers from famous rival design and engineering collectives come together to work on an ambitious project to create a mighty ark to preserve Humankind, its culture, and history using various 3D printers in conjunction with multiple metamaterials, dark matter, and strange matter. However, the technologies on such scales are currently experimental and in their infancy, To complicate matters, the incorporation and usage of such exotic forms of matter hasn’t been done before. To further add to the tension, a strange cosmic phenomena is about to fall upon the Earth, and they’ve only got a few weeks to do the impossible: save the world.

This article was written by Brandon Lampitoc

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  • Ronald Stepp

    Maybe the dark matter structures maintain and tweak the physical laws of our universe as it interacts with other universes?