Looking for an idea for an alien planet, or a unique planet name? Perhaps you are writing a sci-fi story and you need an interesting setting, or perhaps you need a location for a role-playing game in a hurry. The SciFi Ideas Planet Generator randomly creates names and descriptions for alien worlds, giving you the inspiration you need. Don’t like the planet you’ve been given? Simply refresh the page to generate another random world.

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Planet Name: Mersey
Location: Hadrian System
Description: Mersey is a cold planet orbiting at the outer edge of its star's habitable zone, but it is kept relatively warm by its atmosphere, which is mostly composed of CO2. This is a damp, boggy world, prone to excessive rain and seasonal flooding. A relatively flat surface prevents water from pooling into large oceans and instead keeps the water table high. There are a number of small seas however, which are fed by wide, shallow rivers - a product of the planet's active weather system.

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