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Story Idea: New Neighbors by John H Reiher

Devi Theld was working on the next crew roster, currently the crew was not working at

Story Idea: Control Planet 13

According to the Governance, there are 12 control planets, each with a different set of parameters.

Car-hackers of the driverless revolution

We called them "Cackers", car-hackers, people who altered the in-built behaviours of their own vehicles.

Story Idea: In Silico

The story will be told from the viewpoints of various characters spread out across the planet.

Starting Point: Handcock’s Sacrifice

The fate of the world rested on a bluff, but the Honogons, it seemed, were poor

Story Idea: Willy Wonka’s Galactic Embassy

Rather than inviting us to tour an interstellar chocolate factory (that would just be silly), the

Starting Point: Crystal Gods

Jayvin approached the crystalline plant structure with curious eyes. It was old. Centuries old.

5 sci-fi twists that would make Downton Abbey more interesting

Here are 5 sci-fi twists that would make Downton Abbey more interesting.

The Red Pelted Giant

The enormous red pelted giant carefully tip-toes over your home town at dusk and dawn. After

Story Idea: Valkyrie Ship Yggdrasill

We recently received this story idea from Alfonso Posadas Jr, and I think it shows a

Story Idea: The Abductions of Generations Past

The story idea starts and ends with a courtroom. It'€™s the future, far from now. A

Story Idea: The Trespassers

When a new moon appears in orbit around Jupiter, mankind wakes up to an uncomfortable truth.

Story Idea: Zugga and Gzole vs Humans

It's about stereotyping, misinformed judgement, and the comedy/tragedy that can result from a lack of communication.

5 Alien August Story Ideas

Five quick and simple story ideas with a distinct alien flavour.

Story Idea: The Robot Cycle

It begins during the Renaissance, with Leonardo Da Vinci developing a clockwork automaton...

Story Idea: The Tesla Colonies

Alfonso Posadas Jr. shares his idea about humanity's first attempts to colonize Mars... in the early

Story Idea by Robin Sills

A scientist comes up with an invention that vaporizes the hind brain, killing you, but leaving

Story Idea: The Reunion Conflict

Millenia later and the coordinates of Earth are lost to history, regulated to mere religious dogma

Invasion of the Body Renters

Alfonso Posadas shares his idea for a slightly different take on the invasion of alien parasites

Story Idea: The Green Scourge

Humanity fails to prevent a medium-sized asteroid collision and suffers unforeseen consequences in this story idea