Artifexian: Gas Giant Facts

When it comes to worldbuilding on the planetary level, rarely do we give enough thought to gas giants. They are often, wrongfully, dismissed as being boring!

On the contrary, gas giants, or more specifically liquid giants and ice giants, are vibrant and diverse worlds. Incorporating them into a setting can add immense local color, far beyond anything terrestrial planets have to offer.

Think rings systems and diamond oceans and you start to get a feel for the awe inspiring nature of these beasts, but that’s not even the half of it.

Click below for the facts and knowledge on everything giant planet related.

  • John H Reiher Jr

    Another great one Edgar!

  • “If by floating you mean planetary annihilation, then yes.” HA! Good show!

  • Kirov

    Is the podcast going to be featured here as well? I’m two episodes in and loving it.

    • Yes. I wanted to ask permission first before posting it because its not strictly worldbuilding related. I do ramble on quite a lot in it :s

  • michael pulleine

    i’ve never found gas giants to be boring!

    • Me neither, but some folks need convincing.

      • michael pulleine

        Saturn and neptune made me fall in love with gas giants! (who doesnt love saturn!)

  • Nova

    Hey! I love your videos about gas giants and extrasolar planets. ^^ You talked pretty much about their orbit and composition, but what about their colour? Are there any violet or green gas giants out there?