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Starting Point: Dragon’s Blood

"It's dead," said Rutani. "For now."

Starting Point: Out of Options

Captain Kwon clenched his fist and brought it down hard against the padded armrest of his

Starting Point: The Drifter

Luca stared at the unconscious figure lying next to him. The man wore a purple desert

New Worlds Project – An Interview With Kim Smouter

I caught up with Kim Smouter - one of the humans responsible for both the original

Your Undiscovered Country

The following article was written by author Tom Julian. Thanks for the advice Tom! There comes

Hemingway – A Simple Editing Tool for Simple Prose

Rather than criticizing you for your technical errors, Hemingway instead gives you hints on how to

Starting Point: His Holiness and the Egg

Today, His Majesty The Great Listener is emerging from his isolation chamber to make a speech,

Starting Point: G-G-G-Ghosts?

"Astute responding. Go ahead Recon 4."

Starting Point: Decisions, Decisions

Time was slowly running out. Grayson had to decide on a course of action.

Starting Point: Captain, Sweetie

"You brought me down from the ship for this? It looks like a bloody tree."

Starting Point: The Battle of Grettsburg

On a cold Saturday morning, the familiar sound of a sonic boom echoed throughout the sky...

New Sci-Fi Character Name Generator

A new tool to help you name the human characters in your sci-fi stories.

Science Fiction Doesn’t Have to be Believable?

Though I admit I’ve written series of sci-fi novels where scientific accuracy takes a back seat

Top 5 Worldbuilding Must-Haves

What if you work on your world for weeks, write dozens of spreadsheets or notes, create

Starting Point: Dawn City

Jay had seen the colony from each of these three high vantage points before, but the

Artifexian – Color in Fictional Settings

How to use colors in an interesting way to help transform the worldbuilding process.

Starting Point: The Aksu Nomad

The first nomad was reported in western China, near the city of Aksu on the old

Starting Point: Gardeners of Paradise

This week’s story starting point is a response to all the recent talk about utopian sci-fi.

Starting Point: The Impossible Man

I was halfway to Proxima when the Visitor arrived, and already halfway through my last bottle

Story Idea: New Neighbors by John H Reiher

Devi Theld was working on the next crew roster, currently the crew was not working at