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Starting Point: Tracks

He flicked on his temporal lens and scanned back through the last 48 hours...

Starting Point: It’s just a jump to the left…

I've created a time machine. Yes, I know, it's impossible, requires infinite energy, blah, blah, blah.

Starting Point: Any Difference That Makes No Difference…

It was on a Thursday, in 1976, that I selected to visit. My parents and brother

Starting Point: Investing in Time

When I gave my nephew two hours of time for his birthday I was sure he'd

Story Idea: The Rosenberg Portal

My original Starting Point was nothing more than a concept, and it didn't differ too much

Starting Point: The Rosenberg Portal

The Rosenberg Portal was our way of cheating fate. It didn't take the first explorers long

Starting Point: The Impossible Man

I was halfway to Proxima when the Visitor arrived, and already halfway through my last bottle

Starting Point: Performance Art

It seemed I had landed my time machine in the middle of a sculpture park!

Story Idea: The Abductions of Generations Past

The story idea starts and ends with a courtroom. It'€™s the future, far from now. A

Inspiration Gallery #1113

This month's Inspiration Gallery showcases the work of the late Peter Elson - a veteran illustrator

Featured Story: Retrocide Note

What I am contemplating—what I am about to do—is terrible. I won’t just be killing myself,


Time has a code, there are rules. You have to look right and left before you

Story Idea: A Simpler Story Than Lost

The set-up is very much like that of Lost. We begin with a number of plane

Traveling Through Time and Not Space

There is a problem with describing H.G. Wells’ time machine as “travelling through time and not

Story Idea: A Shipload of Morlocks

Imagine if H.G Wells' The Time Machine were set aboard a spaceship. That's how this idea

The Adventures of Nana Barb

A thrilling new satirical sci-fi fantasy novel that started as a university creative writing project is

10 Ideas for a Time Travel Story

10 quick ideas for a time travel story. Everything from colonies in the distant past and

Story Idea: Final Interview

Near-future story about an agency that sends an interviewer back in time to personally arrange “final

Story Idea: Transdimensional Pangaea War

Two parallel Earths fight for dominance over a central 'hub world' and the valuable resources it

Navigating Endless Portals

The idea is to have a portal without a definite shape and without definite borders. Most