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Starting Point: The Elite

This is the story of how I was chosen to become one of the elite...

Starting Point: Hall of the Ancestors

Meliko's ancestors still haunted those halls, preserved forever by machines no longer understood...

Starting Point: The Oracle

"You are truly blessed. Sagan is one of the greatest and wisest prophets."

Featured Story: G-G-Ghosts

“Ghosts?” O’Kelly inquired. “Why the tanj would Astute warn us ‘bout some fairytale monsters?”

Starting Point: Artemis

I've spent the entire of my adult life aboard the Actaeon. I was twenty years old

Featured Story: The Battle of Grettsburg

“Welcome to Grettsburg,” said one of the citizens. “My name is Rodak Patel, Grettsburg’s Minister of

Featured Story: They Returned

A story based on a recent "starting point". Written by Vanessa Ravencroft.

Starting Point: Distress Call

The Volkosian raised a gloved hand and knocked hard against the glass. "I make call," he

Starting Point: Transpersonation

“So…so explain this to me one more time,” I said, nervously adjusting my skirt...

Story Idea: Atom By Atom

An alien helps a boy bring his father back from the dead by collecting his decomposed

Starting Point: Intellects Vast and Cute

As soon as the lights went out and the door clicked shut Pankakzikee and Breexzeen began

Starting Point: Any Difference That Makes No Difference…

It was on a Thursday, in 1976, that I selected to visit. My parents and brother

Featured Story: The Final Burial

“Do you reckon they’ll bury me?” said Sean, standing next to me with his arms crossed.

Featured Story: Remote Control War

Justine Donner sat down at her Remotely Operated Battlefield Combat Unit’s controls, settling down the cup

Featured Story: The Ice Cream Man

Zeyad Moghadam sat in the front seat of his ice cream van as it drove autonomously

Featured Story: Life and Death Around the Spire

Lief ran full tilt down the hand carved tunnel to the lower galleries of the Spire.

Featured Story: Going Up

The city sits on the top of a man-made mountain above the dust clouds and the

Featured Story: Nervous Stomach

My stomach clenched, my mouth had that watery feeling you get right before you vomit. We

Starting Point: The Aksu Nomad

The first nomad was reported in western China, near the city of Aksu on the old

The Peace Button – A Writing Exercise

It started with a case of unfair dismissal. A worker issued a complaint against her supervisor.