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Story Idea: One of Our Wormholes is Missing

... And so somebody pulls a dusty old tarp off some old equipment, and the rescue

Story Idea: Underhill Oversees

If you could build your own stargate and link it to one other country, which country



PORTALS in science-fiction

Portals in science-fiction are technological doorways that connect two separate locations in space and/or time. They

Navigating Endless Portals

The idea is to have a portal without a definite shape and without definite borders. Most

SciFi Weapons: Ballistic

The science behind ballistic weapons. What will do X damage to Y's butt? What are the

The “U WhaT Tube”: It’s Like a Stargate, But Not a Stargate

The wormhole is the simplest and most elegant mode of transport science fiction has to offer.

Top 10 American Science Fiction TV Shows

To commemorate American Independence Day (2011) we created a poll on the SciFi Ideas Facebook page.