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Starting Point: Out of Options

Captain Kwon clenched his fist and brought it down hard against the padded armrest of his

A Look Behind the Scenes

In one Star Trek TNG episode the Enterprise explodes (several times actually). Explosions can't be done

SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#12

We discuss the news that Star Trek is returning to TV, and we share our ideas

Star Trek is as out-of-date today as Buck Rogers was in 1980 (Take the hint!)

With all the talk about bringing back aStar Trek series for its 50th anniversary, I find

10 storylines from Star Trek: Online that could be used in the new Star Trek series

This article was written for us by Chris Kentlea of Ennead Games.  STO, otherwise known as

What Deep Concepts Could Star Trek Ponder Next?

It would almost seem that Star Trek has covered just about every area of social conflict

Star Trek, a new Series. We’ve been there before

There have been multiple attempts to revive the Star Trek franchise, some successful, others not so

Khan, Failed Savior: A Better Alternate History

It’s a shame Abrams never got this idea; it would have made a story GALAXIES better

SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#9

Another episode of the SciFi Ideas Podcast with many and varied discussion topics including zombie ants,

Star Trek’s Future Social Conflicts

The key to conflicts in Star Trek is that someone in their fictional universe does not

Alien Profile: The Krazzle

A feline warrior race from the Star Trek RPG group Starbase 400.

NASA’s Sexy New Alcubierre Drive

The Alcubierre drive. New images and how it works.

10 utterly terrible Star Trek TV show ideas

The absolute worst ways CBS could continue the legacy of the Star Trek franchise.

Two by Two, One is Blue

Author Raymond Frazee discusses inter-species dating and the frequent occurrence of human-alien hybrids in science fiction

An Idiot’s Guide to Teleportation

To teleport Captain Kirk, we need to scan him and find out every detail about his

The Universe is Full of Vorlons

A recently published paper by scientist David Moore suggests that we are far more likely to

SciFi Weapons: Energy

The truth about energy weapons. What will do X damage to Y’s butt? What are the

The Best SciFi Stories Written for Flashback Week

David Ball, creator of Ongoingworlds, shares the best science fiction ideas and stories from this years

Top 10 American Science Fiction TV Shows

To commemorate American Independence Day (2011) we created a poll on the SciFi Ideas Facebook page.

10 More Ideas For Star Trek RPGs

Star Trek occupies a very large and versatile universe. In a previous article, we gave you