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Artifexian: Build Your Own Anti-Tatooine

Edgar explains how to build an S-type star system.

Artifexian: Build Your Own Tatooine

Want to set your science fiction story on a planet with twin suns? This short video

Artifexian: Other Planetary Systems

Edgar talks us through some of the most interesting star systems discovered to date.

Artifexian: How to Create a Classical Planetary System

Edgar begins a walkthrough lesson on building a classical planetary system capable of supporting life.

Artifexian: An Open Letter to Elliptical Galaxies

The interesting thing about elliptical galaxies is how unremarkable they are.

SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#6

We're talking FTL propulsion, wormholes, and star systems with multiple habitable planets.

Artifexian: How to Build a Star

In this video, Edgar talks us through how to make your very own star as a

Eyeball Earths

Could tidally locked planets support life, even human life? Maybe, but that would require the planet

News: New Resources for Writers

Introducing our new star system name generator, spaceship name generator, and alien name generator - Three

KOI-961: The Miniature Star System

A team working in Austin Texas have discovered a miniature star system, including three of the

6 Alternatives to Faster-Than-Light Travel

Faster-than-light travel is one of the most revolutionary ideas science fiction has ever explored. This simple

What’s Really in the Epsilon Eridani System?

After the Alpha Centauri System, Epsilon Eridani is the most mentioned star system in science fiction,

What’s Really in the Alpha Centauri System?

Alpha Centauri is to science fiction what Amsterdam is to teenaged boys; a distant glimmer of

How Many Habitable Planets Can I Fit Into One Star System?

TV shows like Firefly, Battlestar Galactica and Caprica have shown us glimpses of systems packed with