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Starting Point: The Long Commute

Olaf pealed the sticky electrodes from his forehead, detached the tubes from his abdomen, and yanked

Starting Point: Artemis

I've spent the entire of my adult life aboard the Actaeon. I was twenty years old

Starting Point: Transpersonation

“So…so explain this to me one more time,” I said, nervously adjusting my skirt...

Sciency Words: Opposition and Conjunction

Mars, like pretty much everything in space, is a moving target. Sometimes, it’s fairly close to

Sciency Words: Jiffy

Gilbert Newton Lewis proposed jiffy as a unit of time defined as the amount of time

Inspiration Gallery #0415

In this month's Inspiration Gallery we're sharing a series of spacescapes by artist Alface Killah, featuring

Starting Point: Decisions, Decisions

Time was slowly running out. Grayson had to decide on a course of action.

Story Idea: One of Our Wormholes is Missing

... And so somebody pulls a dusty old tarp off some old equipment, and the rescue

Sciency Words: Orbital Vocabulary

When you want to move your spaceship to a higher orbit, fire your rockets prograde. If

The Voyager Records – Carl Sagan’s Message to the Cosmos

Greetings fellow Earthlings, and happy Carl Sagan Day! On this day (November 9th) we celebrate the

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Clearly Explained

Do you have difficulty understanding Einstein's Theory of Relativity? This video should help.

Starting Point: The Impossible Man

I was halfway to Proxima when the Visitor arrived, and already halfway through my last bottle

Starting Point: Syzygy

This was a one shot deal. It was either go now or spend the next two

SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#6

We're talking FTL propulsion, wormholes, and star systems with multiple habitable planets.

NASA’s Sexy New Alcubierre Drive

The Alcubierre drive. New images and how it works.

Another Year, Another Dying Earth Movie

Let's hope there's more going on in the movie than Nolan is letting on.

Why Even Space?

I love space. But sometimes all that pesky space travel can get in the way, and

Story Idea: Valkyrie Ship Yggdrasill

We recently received this story idea from Alfonso Posadas Jr, and I think it shows a

Packin’ Up the Terra Plantation

When disaster strikes, science fiction tells us that we will be able to evacuate the Earth

Inspiration Gallery #1213

This month's Inspiration Gallery showcases the work of digital artist Adam Burn, and is inspired by