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Inter-species Commerce in Science Fiction

As an avid science fiction fan, and a fledgling science fiction novelist, one thing that has

Featured Story: The Battle of Grettsburg

“Welcome to Grettsburg,” said one of the citizens. “My name is Rodak Patel, Grettsburg’s Minister of

Starting Point: His Holiness and the Egg

Today, His Majesty The Great Listener is emerging from his isolation chamber to make a speech,

Alien Profile: The Babosi

The Babosi are an amphibious species native to the planet Obonda. They are a dying race

Featured Story: Pride Goeth…

Uchida nibbled at a meat-chip, “But that begs the question, ‘What Assiotto would turn traitor on

For the love of space opera

This article was originally posted on Veronica Sicoe’s blog, and is re-posted here with permission. Space opera

Interview: Author William Benning

SciFi Ideas interviews author William Benning about his "First Admiral" series of science fiction novels.