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Sciency Words: Panspermia

According to panspermia, life - in the form of bacterial spores, tardigrades, or whatever - spreads

Sciency Words: Volatile

Many volatiles are so eager to become gases that they’ll sublimate, meaning they’ll transform from solid

Sciency Words: SOHO

SOHO is positioned between the Sun and Earth, and its mission is to monitor and study

Sciency Words: Moreton Waves – Sun Surfing

Okay, so you can’t really go surfing on the Sun, but if you could, the Sun’s

Sciency Words: Ejecta

This is the fancy, technical term for stuff that gets thrown around whenever violent things happen.

Sciency Words: Chromatophore

Chromatophores are special cells in the skin of some animals, most notably the squid and the

Sciency Words: Orbital Vocabulary

When you want to move your spaceship to a higher orbit, fire your rockets prograde. If

Science is the Bad Guy Now?

It’s been suggested that moviemakers only see science and technology as the bad guy, and won’t

Science Fiction Doesn’t Have to be Believable?

Though I admit I’ve written series of sci-fi novels where scientific accuracy takes a back seat

Stephen Hawking Issues a Challenge to Science Fiction Writers

In an interview with John Oliver (broadcast on Last Week Tonight in June 2014), Professor Stephen

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Clearly Explained

Do you have difficulty understanding Einstein's Theory of Relativity? This video should help.

Is The Gravitational Constant Changing?

New evidence suggests that the gravitational constant may not be a constant at all.