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Starting Point: The Elite

This is the story of how I was chosen to become one of the elite...

Starting Point: Dragon’s Blood

"It's dead," said Rutani. "For now."

Starting Point: XM318

We were part way down an alley off 5th Avenue when XM318 developed sentience...

What Deep Concepts Could Star Trek Ponder Next?

It would almost seem that Star Trek has covered just about every area of social conflict

Alien Profile: The Elikar

A robotic alien race. An entry to the Alien August competition by Nathan Nichols.

Humans as AI’s pets? …Okay!

We’d be the best damned pets ever, and AIs would be the best masters.

Starting Point: The Third Machine Age

It was the third machine age that finally destroyed us. We should have seen it coming;

Inspiration Gallery #0914

In this month's inspiration gallery we're looking at a series of weaponized robotic animals by Robert

Alien Profile: The Rovers

Evolved from Mars exploration rovers, these robots are antagonists in the Dan's Voyage web-comic.

Starting point: Miniscule blades of death

Alien invasion stories can be pretty formulaic, but it's a winning formula and useful platform for

Inspiration Gallery #0614

Yvan Quinet is to robotic samurai as H R Giger is to spooky corridors.

Inspiration Gallery #1013

Our first Inspiration Gallery showcases the work of Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag and is a mixture

5 Alien August Story Ideas

Five quick and simple story ideas with a distinct alien flavour.

Story Idea: The Robot Cycle

It begins during the Renaissance, with Leonardo Da Vinci developing a clockwork automaton...

Powered Armor: Mecha

Where’s my giant city-crushing anthropomorphic walking tank?

Powered Armor: Man Power

Since Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers, power armor has become sort of the “go to” future weapon

5 Amazing Robot Videos

If you are looking for a little inspiration for a robot story, these videos should help.

Story Idea: The Gamification of Ghetto Construction

In the midst of a labor shortage, the building of the ghettos cannot progress quickly enough.