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Humans as AI’s pets? …Okay!

We’d be the best damned pets ever, and AIs would be the best masters.

A Solution for Long-Term Living on Low-Gravity Planets

There is another way to simulate a full Earth gravity on a low-gravity world; a real

Sciency Words: SOHO

SOHO is positioned between the Sun and Earth, and its mission is to monitor and study

The Voyager Records – Carl Sagan’s Message to the Cosmos

Greetings fellow Earthlings, and happy Carl Sagan Day! On this day (November 9th) we celebrate the

Could the Moon Fuel Earth for 10,000 Years?

But is this the best way to go about getting Helium 3?

NASA’s Sexy New Alcubierre Drive

The Alcubierre drive. New images and how it works.

SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#5.1

In this episode of the SciFi Ideas podcast we talk about medical technology in science fiction,

Colonizing Space 1970’s Style

Just look at all the cool space stuff NASA will have built by the time you're

Packin’ Up the Terra Plantation

When disaster strikes, science fiction tells us that we will be able to evacuate the Earth

Gravity Balloons: Colonizing the Asteroid Belt

Maybe a civilization in the center of Phobos will be more pivotal than one on the

Shell Worlds Infographic

The Shell Worlds concept is the brain-child of engineer Ken Roy, who envisions the building of

Screw Wikipedia, Contact a Scientist

Even though you’ve scoured the Internet and checked out every science book your local library has,

Powered Armor: Mecha

Where’s my giant city-crushing anthropomorphic walking tank?

Powered Armor: Man Power

Since Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers, power armor has become sort of the “go to” future weapon

SciFi Weapons: Sidearms

Raymond Frazee discusses phasers, laser pistols, and why it's never safe to shoot a gun aboard

Cities of the Future: The Domed City of Mir

Russian construction firm AB Elise has proposed turning one of the world's largest opencast mines into

Cities of the Future: Floating Cities

Tower blocks needn't be the only answer; it is possible that as well as expanding our

Skylon: What is it, and why is it so cool?

As a successor to the Space Shuttle, the Skylon spaceplane has been envisioned as a 100%

The Floating Bridge of Gibraltar

Eugene Tsui's concept for a 9 mile long floating bridge to connect Europe and Africa via

Atlantropa: Draining the Mediterranian Sea

In 1929, German architect Herman Sörgel proposed building a huge dam across the Straights of Gibraltar