Real Planets Archive

Google’s New Map of the Milky Way

Google have released a new interactive 3D model of the galaxy, and it features no less

An Introduction to Worldbuilding with Artifexian

To encourage you all to think more about the scientific realism of the worlds featured in

Gravity Balloons: Colonizing the Asteroid Belt

Maybe a civilization in the center of Phobos will be more pivotal than one on the

Eyeball Earths

Could tidally locked planets support life, even human life? Maybe, but that would require the planet

Terraforming Venus

Some useful information about terraforming Venus, provided by Dmitriy Ivashchenko of the Mars Terraforming Corporation.

Kepler Discovers Twin Water Worlds

While I was working on creating two fictional planets, NASA was busy discovering their real-life counterparts.

Story Idea: The Last Man on Second Earth

The 'last man on Earth' format has been done several times before, so I got to

KOI-961: The Miniature Star System

A team working in Austin Texas have discovered a miniature star system, including three of the

Habitable Exoplanets Catalog

If you are looking for a habitable planet to feature in your story, novel or game,

How Many Planets Are There in the Solar System?

How many planets are there in the Solar System? Is Pluto still a planet? Exactly what

Sedna – Last Gas for 600 Lightyears

Sedna is the most distant planet from the sun and is smaller even than Pluto. While

What’s Really in the Epsilon Eridani System?

After the Alpha Centauri System, Epsilon Eridani is the most mentioned star system in science fiction,

What’s Really in the Alpha Centauri System?

Alpha Centauri is to science fiction what Amsterdam is to teenaged boys; a distant glimmer of