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Alien profile: The Dirt-Eaters of Corohawk

This alien profile was written for us by Chris Kentlea from Ennead Games. Chris challenged me to find

Starting point – How to kill a cyborg Dinosaur

“This is a crazy war we’re fighting, but if you want to hit the enemy right where

For the love of space opera

This article was originally posted on Veronica Sicoe’s blog, and is re-posted here with permission. Space opera

Alternative anime every sci-fi writer should have seen

This article was written for us by Steve Merrick after a discussion on our Facebook page

Creature concept: Osteonimbus

When Mark handed command of SciFi Ideas over to me for a week, he asked not

Starting point: The Last Fight

Ready to do some writing today? Here’s a story starting point sent to us by Jake Salter

Starting point: Inevitable destination

It’s day 2 of #OnionTakeOverWeek and here’s another story starting point. Want to write something today but

I’ve taken command of SciFi Ideas! 

Hello sci-fi fans! David “Onion” Ball here, brother of Mark Ball (SciFi Ideas’ owner). Mark’s gone