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Featured Story: Remote Control War

Justine Donner sat down at her Remotely Operated Battlefield Combat Unit’s controls, settling down the cup

Inspiration Gallery #0415

In this month's Inspiration Gallery we're sharing a series of spacescapes by artist Alface Killah, featuring

Story Idea: Underhill Oversees

If you could build your own stargate and link it to one other country, which country

Science is the Bad Guy Now?

It’s been suggested that moviemakers only see science and technology as the bad guy, and won’t

Arthur C. Clarke Predicted the Internet Age, What do You Predict?

In the year 2041, what technologies do you think will have revolutionized our lives? How will

Inspiration Gallery #0914

In this month's inspiration gallery we're looking at a series of weaponized robotic animals by Robert

Could the Moon Fuel Earth for 10,000 Years?

But is this the best way to go about getting Helium 3?

Car-hackers of the driverless revolution

We called them "Cackers", car-hackers, people who altered the in-built behaviours of their own vehicles.

Starting point: Post-Facebook

The salesman was described as a 'genius', although Carol didn't believe he was....

Inspiration Gallery #0114

This month's Inspiration Gallery features the work of Dutch artist Erik van Helvoirt. The gallery takes

Inspiration Gallery #1013

Our first Inspiration Gallery showcases the work of Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag and is a mixture

Featured Story: The Second Victim

Olden sighed. "Yes, a corruption, okay? He started complaining about losing bits and pieces of his

Featured Story: Second Skin

Beyond Blue Skies e-zine, 15th March 2025: Continuing our series of interviews with the creators of

Cities of the Future: The Domed City of Mir

Russian construction firm AB Elise has proposed turning one of the world's largest opencast mines into

The Floating Bridge of Gibraltar

Eugene Tsui's concept for a 9 mile long floating bridge to connect Europe and Africa via

Atlantropa: Draining the Mediterranian Sea

In 1929, German architect Herman Sörgel proposed building a huge dam across the Straights of Gibraltar

Story Idea: Final Interview

Near-future story about an agency that sends an interviewer back in time to personally arrange “final

Story Idea: Meat and Grit

Aliens begin to go missing on Earth, and the black-market trade in ‘real meat’ is thought