Nazis Archive

Starting Point: The Haunebu Encounter

What he had seen must be reported. He knew his life was unimportant in relation to

Alien Profile: Shearzari

They “lay” soft jelly-like eggs. Unwanted eggs are typically eaten as a delicacy.

Story Idea: The Hozakan Missile Crisis

A complex tale of subterfuge, manipulation, aliens, alien fascists, nuclear weapons and space-lasers.

10 Ideas for Alternate History Scenarios

10 simple ideas for alternate history scenarios and settings.

Story Idea: Transdimensional Pangaea War

Two parallel Earths fight for dominance over a central 'hub world' and the valuable resources it

Story Idea: The HUN Over Here

The HUN, a human-like extrasolar species, began their invasion by first setting up a terrestrial staging