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Sciency Words: Planetary Protection

Until recently, planetary protection has been a fairly esoteric concern. But now we know there’s water

Sciency Words: Recurring Slope Linea

There’s water on Mars. Liquid water. On the planet’s surface...

Alien Profile: The Martians

The Martians were a humanoid species with many skin colors, they had spots, facial tendrils, and

Sciency Words: Panspermia

According to panspermia, life - in the form of bacterial spores, tardigrades, or whatever - spreads

Sciency Words: Yestersol

The term yestersol was apparently coined during NASA’s Spirit and Opportunity rover missions. Scientists and engineers

Sciency Words: The Gaia Principle

A strict interpretation of the Gaia principle would tell us that if life fails to alter

Starting Point: Discovery on Mars

I checked my digital compass. Damn red dust made it difficult to read, but I could

Starting Point: Any Landing You Can Walk Away From…

Alex Brunner was standing the surface of Mars. It was amazing. What was more amazing was

Featured Story: The Planet Brokers

Humanity agrees to sell the planet Venus to vast and timeless alien beings in this quirky

10 Ideas for Alternate History Scenarios

10 simple ideas for alternate history scenarios and settings.

Alien Profile: The Yerto

An ancient civilization native to Mars which went extinct several million years ago.

Terraforming via Telepresence and Telerobotics

Engineers and scientists located at NASA or aboard the International Space Station can control the motions

Story Idea: The Mars-Town Rebellion

Here's an idea for a science fiction story set on Mars. It's still lacking in both