Dan’s Voyage Archive

Alien Profile: The Martians

The Martians were a humanoid species with many skin colors, they had spots, facial tendrils, and

Dan’s Voyage vs. the Drake Equation

For each and every race I carefully consider a different way for them to avoid this

Alien Profile: The Imeran

A reptilian species from the Dan's Voyage webcomic.

Alien Profile: Minervettes

The Minervettes are genetically engineered relics of a dead civilization.

Alien Profile: The Titans

The original inhabitants of the moon Titan, as seen in the Dan's Voyage webcomic.

Alien Profile: The Eeda

The "Eeda" are an extra-reality species that found its way into the universe via a science

Alien Profile: The Rovers

Evolved from Mars exploration rovers, these robots are antagonists in the Dan's Voyage web-comic.

Alien Profile: The Zaefer

Also known as "greynecks", these aliens inhabit the universe of the Dan's Voyage comic.