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Starting Point: Dragon’s Blood

"It's dead," said Rutani. "For now."

Uncanny Valley – Short Film

This short film is one of the best science fiction works about virtual reality gaming I've

Featured Story: Remote Control War

Justine Donner sat down at her Remotely Operated Battlefield Combat Unit’s controls, settling down the cup

Starting Point: G-G-G-Ghosts?

"Astute responding. Go ahead Recon 4."

Starting Point: Should’ve Hired a Clown

Somewhere across town, a children's birthday party must have gone horribly wrong.

Starting Point: Walk 100 Miles in Somebody Else’s Shoes

Wes Mason blinked awake. He tried to run a diagnostic but was blocked. “Wha-what’s up?” he

SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#9

Another episode of the SciFi Ideas Podcast with many and varied discussion topics including zombie ants,

Inspiration Gallery #0914

In this month's inspiration gallery we're looking at a series of weaponized robotic animals by Robert

Attack of the Neo-Soviet Nuclear Super-Giraffes

The invasion has begun! Prepare your emergency shelters, lock up your statues, and hide your salmon!

Featured Story: How to Kill a Cyborg Dinosaur

The cadets reacted variously, some showing clear respect and awe for the massive dreadnought, others trying

Inspiration Gallery #0614

Yvan Quinet is to robotic samurai as H R Giger is to spooky corridors.

SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#2

In this episode, David and Mark talk about the illegal trade in downloadable memories, cat-guided missiles,

Featured Story: Strawberry Memories

The vault was cold and mostly empty. A few items of scuffed furniture were all that

Featured Story: The Second Victim

Olden sighed. "Yes, a corruption, okay? He started complaining about losing bits and pieces of his

Featured Story: See You on Rovana

I always try my hardest to cling on to those last few words, that last moment

Covert Communication Via Viral Infection

Ilan Scheinkman shares his idea about how virus DNA can be used to send covert messages.

Story Idea: Heaven is Other People

In a world where all forms of religion have been outlawed, worship has become an illicit

Story Idea: One Million People Like Jack Turner

The memories of celebrities are available for public download. Jack Turner is an internet sensation. But

10 Ideas for a Cyberpunk Story

10 quick ideas for a cyberpunk story, including everything from artificial intelligence to virtual reality constructs.