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Winner of the Alien August Competition

The Alien August competition is over, and the winner has been announced.

Alien Profile: The Martians

The Martians were a humanoid species with many skin colors, they had spots, facial tendrils, and

Alien Profile: The Inbis

When a host is successfully parasitized by the Inbis, the organism may take on one of

Alien Profile: The X’a

The X'a are an advanced hexapedal insectile species native to the planet of Tau Ceti e...

Alien Profile: Goesi

“Two-legged, long-tailed frog” is a common comparison. Short, round and pudgy body, with a pair of

Alien Profile: The Kwo

Kwo start mating by fighting each other, the loser of the fight being the one who

Alien Profile: The Dishathi

The Dishathi are a reptilian alien species with a homeothermic metabolism and avian features...

Alien Profile: The Astrins

Unusually there are three genders. One acts as a male, fertilising an egg inside the female.

Alien Profile: Khhu-Sh-Ck

Khhu-Sh-Ck society is based largely on the concept of individual freedom. Khhu-Sh-Ck regard the freedom to

Alien Profile: The Surds

An Alien August competition entry by Eric Southard.

Alien Profile: The Tulira

The Tulira are a sapient race that resemble the dryads of Earth folklore. They have characteristics

Alien Profile: Ambulaflora

They stand one meter in height and superficially resemble stunted palm trees with green trunks...

Alien Profile: The Boloth

Boloths are bi sexual with no distinct differences between females or males and outside of courting

Alien Profile: Tak Mal

The following article was written by Vincente Tellez as an entry to the Alien August competition. Biology

Alien Profile: Appa’Corr

An entry to the Alien August competition by Christian Liberman.

Alien Profile: Claegulfo

The Claegulfo are amphibian-like creatures that resemble what you might get if you crossed a salamander

Alien Profile: The Mindswarm

A Mindswarm is not a single entity, but a vast collection of individuals that can act

Alien Profile: The Bani

The species Banivorosi Calvor hail from the harsh terrestrial planet of Banivo Prime...

Altusya’s Scolopendride

Leonardo has made the unusual decision to submit his entry in video form rather than writing

Alien Profile: The Grilsh

An Alien August competition entry by Hannah Jenkins.