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Starting Point: Artemis

I've spent the entire of my adult life aboard the Actaeon. I was twenty years old

Featured Story: The Battle of Grettsburg

“Welcome to Grettsburg,” said one of the citizens. “My name is Rodak Patel, Grettsburg’s Minister of

Starting Point: Limoncello in the Afternoon

"Limoncello?" asked Lazaro as he proffered the carafe filled with the lemony sweet liquor. Draeka sniffed and

Colonizing Venus

Could we colonize Venus? Sure. It’s definitely possible, and there may be good scientific reasons for

Starting Point: Refugee Centre Gamma

Taulav stared in wonder at the blue and green sphere suspended in front of space station

Colonizing Mercury: How to Live There

If you hunger for a quaint, frontier life far from the noise and bustle of modern

A Solution for Long-Term Living on Low-Gravity Planets

There is another way to simulate a full Earth gravity on a low-gravity world; a real

Starting Point: The Battle of Grettsburg

On a cold Saturday morning, the familiar sound of a sonic boom echoed throughout the sky...

Story Idea: In Silico

The story will be told from the viewpoints of various characters spread out across the planet.

Better than Starships: Satellites

Steven Lyle Jordan on why abandoning Earth's resources is a bad idea.

Colonizing Space 1970’s Style

Just look at all the cool space stuff NASA will have built by the time you're

Gravity Balloons: Colonizing the Asteroid Belt

Maybe a civilization in the center of Phobos will be more pivotal than one on the

Shell Worlds Infographic

The Shell Worlds concept is the brain-child of engineer Ken Roy, who envisions the building of

Terraforming Venus

Some useful information about terraforming Venus, provided by Dmitriy Ivashchenko of the Mars Terraforming Corporation.

Story Idea: The Tesla Colonies

Alfonso Posadas Jr. shares his idea about humanity's first attempts to colonize Mars... in the early

Planet Profile: Boreas

This FICTIONAL planet has extremely large polar regions. Human habitation is restricted to a thin band

Extra-planetary Nature Reserves

If you want to colonize a new planet, travelling across the cosmos is only the first

Cities of the Future: The Domed City of Mir

Russian construction firm AB Elise has proposed turning one of the world's largest opencast mines into

Cities of the Future: Floating Cities

Tower blocks needn't be the only answer; it is possible that as well as expanding our

Cities of the Future: Highway Cities

Might future settlements become entirely linear, being shaped to fit the highways rather than highways being