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It’s a new rising speculative fiction genre and aesthetic, along the same lines of Steampunk, Cyberpunk,

Inter-species Commerce in Science Fiction

As an avid science fiction fan, and a fledgling science fiction novelist, one thing that has

Your Undiscovered Country

The following article was written by author Tom Julian. Thanks for the advice Tom! There comes

Should We Hide the “Science Fiction” Label?

The trouble with the SF label may be the fact that it is too broad.

Dealing with Harsh Realities through Genre Fiction

As I often do when things disturb me, I looked for a way to deal with

Creature Concepts from David Aguilar’s ‘Alien Worlds’

Aguilar has populated his imaginary universe several distinct planets and provided details about their inhabitants.

Featured Story: Learning Curve

The screechy monkey living in the back of my head chose that moment to take charge

Alien Profile: The Primovium

They are a species of immortals, designed by their omnipotent creators to maintain certain functions in

The Ganthoran Gambit by William J Benning

The Ganthoran Gambit - the latest novel in William Benning's the First Admiral series - is

In The Beginning: The Epic of the Anunnaki: An Interview With Alex Teplish

SciFi Ideas interviews Alex Teplish, creator of the graphic novel In The Beginning: The Epic of

Interview: Author William Benning

SciFi Ideas interviews author William Benning about his "First Admiral" series of science fiction novels.

The Really Geeky Sci-Fi Quiz Book

The Really Geeky Sci-Fi Quiz Book contains over 750 of the geekiest quiz questions you're likely

The War of the Worlds: Updated and Reverse Engineered

A comedic take on H.G. Wells' classic Martian invasion story by author (and friend of SciFi

The Adventures of Nana Barb

A thrilling new satirical sci-fi fantasy novel that started as a university creative writing project is