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Sciency Words: Biopoiesis

To rephrase a line from The Wrath of Khan: put simply, biopoiesis is life from lifelessness.

Size Matters: The Evolution of Unicorn Horns

With the recent discovery that unicorns do exist, we must take a serious look at these

Could Life Evolve Inside a Gas Giant?

The idea of abundant ecosystems inhabiting planets such as Jupiter is by no means a new

The ORIGINS of your alien species

Invest some work in figuring this out on a pragmatic, satisfyingly realistic level, and each time

Alien Artwork: Silvanus Arthropods

Artwork by Joschua Knüppe. A collection of pseudo-arthropodic species from the planet Silvanus.

Alien Artwork: Utertitan

Artwork by Joschua Knüppe. Utertitan is a inhabitant of the tidal zone and shallow waters of Silvanus.