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SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#9

Another episode of the SciFi Ideas Podcast with many and varied discussion topics including zombie ants,

Story Idea: The Abductions of Generations Past

The story idea starts and ends with a courtroom. It'€™s the future, far from now. A

Two by Two, One is Blue

Author Raymond Frazee discusses inter-species dating and the frequent occurrence of human-alien hybrids in science fiction

The Universe is Full of Vorlons

A recently published paper by scientist David Moore suggests that we are far more likely to

SciFi Weapons: Energy

The truth about energy weapons. What will do X damage to Y’s butt? What are the

10 Space Station Design Concepts

The space stations of today are little more than tin cans, but the space stations of

Top 10 American Science Fiction TV Shows

To commemorate American Independence Day (2011) we created a poll on the SciFi Ideas Facebook page.