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Inspiration Gallery #0415

In this month's Inspiration Gallery we're sharing a series of spacescapes by artist Alface Killah, featuring

Starting Point: Captain, Sweetie

"You brought me down from the ship for this? It looks like a bloody tree."

Inspiration Gallery #0215

This month's Inspiration Gallery features the astounding artwork of Swedish artist Simon Fetscher.

Inspiration Gallery #1214

In this month’s Inspiration Gallery, we take a peek into the mind and sketchbook of┬áJakub Rozalski.

Elysium Concept Art Reveals The Torus Originally Had A Roof

In addition to its third act plot holes, one of the problems many sci-fi fans were

Inspiration Gallery #1114

In this week's Inspiration Gallery, we're featuring the work of Moroccan artist Badr Douah.

Inspiration Gallery #1014

In this month's Inspiration Gallery we're looking at the art of Phuoc Quan.

Inspiration Gallery #0914

In this month's inspiration gallery we're looking at a series of weaponized robotic animals by Robert

Starting point: The Tallest Hyperfungus

The largest airships from the 8 continents had been summoned to "Old Wirespire"

Alien Profile: The Zaefer

Also known as "greynecks", these aliens inhabit the universe of the Dan's Voyage comic.

Creature Concept: Boranus

Like many other scavengers, they'll eat anything they find, but prefer internal organs

100 Alien Creatures

If you're planning on entering the Alien August competition and are looking for some inspiration, this

Inspiration Gallery #0714

The incredible artwork of Chris Cold.

Inspiration Gallery #0614

Yvan Quinet is to robotic samurai as H R Giger is to spooky corridors.

Inspiration Gallery #0514

Birrin concept art by of Alex Ries (aka Abiogenisis)

Inspiration Gallery #0414

This month's Inspiration Gallery is a series of impressive landscapes and cityscapes created by American artist

5 Animal Hybrids That Would Make Great Aliens

Pictures of weird and comical animal hybrids seem to have infected the Internet like a case

This New Sci-Fi Magazine Is Even Better Than We Were Expecting

This week saw the launch of a brand new online science fiction magazine. The e-zine is

Starting Point: Fox 1

"Red Shark 2 closing on target," I confirmed, swallowing my fear and trying my best to

Starting Point: A Snail’s Pace

"Easy boy." I loosened the reins and gave my snail a gentle pat on the neck.