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Winner of the Alien August Competition

The Alien August competition is over, and the winner has been announced.

SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#11 (Alien August Special)

David and Mark discuss their favourite entries to the Alien August competition 2015.

Featured Story: They Returned

A story based on a recent "starting point". Written by Vanessa Ravencroft.

Starting Point: Distress Call

The Volkosian raised a gloved hand and knocked hard against the glass. "I make call," he

Alien Profile: The Martians

The Martians were a humanoid species with many skin colors, they had spots, facial tendrils, and

Alien Profile: The Inbis

When a host is successfully parasitized by the Inbis, the organism may take on one of

Alien Profile: The X’a

The X'a are an advanced hexapedal insectile species native to the planet of Tau Ceti e...

Alien Profile: Goesi

“Two-legged, long-tailed frog” is a common comparison. Short, round and pudgy body, with a pair of

Alien Profile: The Kwo

Kwo start mating by fighting each other, the loser of the fight being the one who

Alien Profile: The Dishathi

The Dishathi are a reptilian alien species with a homeothermic metabolism and avian features...

Sciency Words: Panspermia

According to panspermia, life - in the form of bacterial spores, tardigrades, or whatever - spreads

Alien Profile: The Astrins

Unusually there are three genders. One acts as a male, fertilising an egg inside the female.

Alien Profile: Khhu-Sh-Ck

Khhu-Sh-Ck society is based largely on the concept of individual freedom. Khhu-Sh-Ck regard the freedom to

Alien Profile: The Surds

An Alien August competition entry by Eric Southard.

Alien Profile: The Monoliths

The Monoliths are a substrate of temporo-organic quantum foam that extend their presences physically through at

Sciency Words: Extremophiles

In the mid-1960’s, a field biologist by the name of Thomas Brock was conducting research in

Alien Profile: The Tulira

The Tulira are a sapient race that resemble the dryads of Earth folklore. They have characteristics

Alien Profile: Ambulaflora

They stand one meter in height and superficially resemble stunted palm trees with green trunks...

How To Create An Alien Species In 3 Stages

It’s Alien August here at, and an autographed copy of my novel The Deep Link

Alien Profile: The Boloth

Boloths are bi sexual with no distinct differences between females or males and outside of courting