Alien Art Archive

LYCON – An Alien Species Concept by Ben Mauro

A stunning alien concept by artist Ben Mauro.

Inspiration Gallery #0815 (Alien August Special)

A gallery of alien portraits by three talented concept artists.

Starting Point: Encounter at Ranzagoff’s

Danny almost jumped out of his skin when the xenomorph burst through the open doorway to

Creature Concept: Mycolian

It is hard to determine whether the Mycolian is actually a fungus or animal, as it

Creature Concept: Fungal Hound

Fungal hounds are tripodal, bi-tailed fungal/animal fusions; arising from a symbiosis of the two it represents

Creature Concept: Conductor Mite

A creature that feeds on pure electrons.

Creature Concept: Asymmetrical Tree Crab

This crab-like creature spends most of its adult life in the trees.

Creature Concept: Jellyback

The jellyback is a tall creature which feeds on the high fruits of certain trees.

Creature Concept: Lode Stone Sprite

Alien creature concept by Vincent Covellio.

Creature Concept: Beach Climber

A 4 legged alien that lives on the coastal cliffs on Fentil.

Creature concept: The Acid Dragon of Zeta Anchora 3

An acid-spitting alien creature by artist Kevin Yan

Creature Concept: The Storm Bringer

The storm bringer is so gigantic that its respiration causes distubance in the atmosphere.

Creature Concept: The Denverian Sex Bug

An animal-plant hybrid that uses small invertibrates to propigate.

Creature Concept: Boranus

Like many other scavengers, they'll eat anything they find, but prefer internal organs

Creature Concept: The Swamp Rabbit

From the look of those sharp teeth, it's safe to assume the Swamp Rabbit eats something

Starting Point: Electric Lunch

The air fizzed with electricity, a static charge emanating from the rocks around us.

100 Alien Creatures

If you're planning on entering the Alien August competition and are looking for some inspiration, this

Inspiration Gallery #0514

Birrin concept art by of Alex Ries (aka Abiogenisis)

Creature Concepts: Grandulus and the Luminous Oppugno

Early in its evolutionary history, life on this world did not split into such rigidly defined

Could an Alien Creature Eat Sound?

This alien creature “eats” soundwaves. But, is that even possible?