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Story Idea: Atom By Atom

An alien helps a boy bring his father back from the dead by collecting his decomposed

Starting Point: His Holiness and the Egg

Today, His Majesty The Great Listener is emerging from his isolation chamber to make a speech,

Story Idea: One of Our Wormholes is Missing

... And so somebody pulls a dusty old tarp off some old equipment, and the rescue

Story Idea: Underhill Oversees

If you could build your own stargate and link it to one other country, which country

Starting Point: The Aksu Nomad

The first nomad was reported in western China, near the city of Aksu on the old

Star Trek’s Future Social Conflicts

The key to conflicts in Star Trek is that someone in their fictional universe does not

Story Idea: The Rosenberg Portal

My original Starting Point was nothing more than a concept, and it didn't differ too much

Story Idea – Time Dilated

This is an idea for a short story involving time travel (well, more like time-acceleration) and

Story Idea: New Neighbors by John H Reiher

Devi Theld was working on the next crew roster, currently the crew was not working at

Story Idea: Control Planet 13

According to the Governance, there are 12 control planets, each with a different set of parameters.

Car-hackers of the driverless revolution

We called them "Cackers", car-hackers, people who altered the in-built behaviours of their own vehicles.

Story Idea: In Silico

The story will be told from the viewpoints of various characters spread out across the planet.

Starting Point: Handcock’s Sacrifice

The fate of the world rested on a bluff, but the Honogons, it seemed, were poor

Story Idea: Willy Wonka’s Galactic Embassy

Rather than inviting us to tour an interstellar chocolate factory (that would just be silly), the

Starting Point: Crystal Gods

Jayvin approached the crystalline plant structure with curious eyes. It was old. Centuries old.

5 sci-fi twists that would make Downton Abbey more interesting

Here are 5 sci-fi twists that would make Downton Abbey more interesting.

The Red Pelted Giant

The enormous red pelted giant carefully tip-toes over your home town at dusk and dawn. After

Story Idea: Valkyrie Ship Yggdrasill

We recently received this story idea from Alfonso Posadas Jr, and I think it shows a

Story Idea: The Abductions of Generations Past

The story idea starts and ends with a courtroom. It'€™s the future, far from now. A

Story Idea: The Trespassers

When a new moon appears in orbit around Jupiter, mankind wakes up to an uncomfortable truth.