Story Idea: The Trespassers

The following science fiction idea was submitted to us by Andrew Carling.

fd78355c87422642c3209928db608c1dA little in our future, and not very far, the Mia station is asked to set a camera towards Jupiter, and Hubble is re-tasked to the same. There are several large flares of light, like the schumaker meteors, but instead of slamming into Jupiter they disappear from sight as they go around the other side of the gas giant. Everything goes back to normal until a month or so later an amateur astronomer notices what seems to be another moon around Jupiter and calls it in to NASA. Telescopes around the world are tasked with studying this new moon, and scientists begin speculating on its nature and origin.

Meanwhile, in orbit around Jupiter, the “xxx race” have finished their jump to the wonderfully large gas giant, bringing with them a large pre-constructed space habitat. They send a scout to the small blue planet (Earth) and are relieved to find that we were a tad too primitive to threaten them. So, once the habitat is set on its orbit they unload all the mining equipment, dropping it all on to one of the Galilean moons, and start mining whatever solids/gasses they need. Mining the inner moons of Jupiter will keep them busy for at least 150 years, and they estimate that the whole mining operation could have a life span of almost 1000 years. Finding rich deposits on the moons, they will surely make loads of money to retire on…

We finally send a probe and discover what’s going on.¬†We are shocked to find a vast alien mining operation going on right under our noses.

The aliens are not harming anything, and they don’t seem to be threatening the Earth, but we nevertheless perceive them as a threat.

We become the aggressors, and we determine to remove the aliens – now nicknamed “Trespassers” – from the Solar System. However, we don’t have the technology needed to confront them effectively.

That is kind of it. I see more to the story, but I’m not sure how it would end. I imagine that the powers that be get their asses handed back to them in a sling due to the aliens’ superior technology, and that the mining operation continues and as earlier stated.

The mining will not effect the moons, or anything in the solar system, but these beings do have a few secret meetings with Humans and share a fair amount of technology, allowing us to venture out into spacer a little farther and tipping the balance of power. We eventually realize that the mining operation could provide enough energy to power the entire of Human civilization without causing any pollution, but does that mean we should negotiate with the aliens or kick them out and claim the mining equipment for ourselves?

Tell me what you think…

Article written by Andrew Carling.

  • Jake

    It turns out the ‘aliens’ are humans from an alternate dimension who know that Jupiter will explode, if mined, and destroy all life in the solar system?

    • Ooh, interesting. But why would they want to kill their alternate-selves?

      • Jake

        Well it’s not so much that they want to kill them, it’s just that they would rather plunder the resources and kill people from an alternate dimension rather than their own. When they return to their dimension of course Jupiter is fine.

        • Steven Lyle Jordan

          Maybe their mining is designed to counteract something we set in motion, that we don’t realize will be catastrophic to the solar system in the future. This works with humans from an alt dimension, or from the future.

  • I really like this idea. I can even see a time before we think of them as trespassers when we are just frustrated that they are ignoring us. You can even take it another way and have the entire notion of trespassing be a political propaganda created by those who would see profit in developing the tools necessary to encounter the aliens.

    • Steven Lyle Jordan

      I like this more than the idea that “what they are doing is harmless, but we still perceive them as a threat.” Some humans would see an opportunity to reach them and learn from them, only to become hostile AFTER we’ve been rebuffed or ignored (or forcibly shooed away), leading to suspicion that what they’re doing isn’t harmless after all, or they’d have no reason to blow us off.

  • It could be a take on the 19th century colonial powers idea with Humans taking the place of the primitive natives to the aliens ‘European Empire’. Its got a lot of potential.