Story Idea: Control Planet 13

This gem of a story idea was sent to us by Amber Seree.



Ki, home of the Kians, is a prosperous planet in the Ketian Star System. With two Satellites, Ma, & Rta, all three celestial bodies are inhabited. Ki is a relatively large planet, in a relatively large star system. Kians are highly civilized, logical, rational culture and are the progenitors of the Control Planets, a very old experiment in which the governing Kian scientists attempted to create the “perfect” society by controlling certain elements on each planet.

Thousands of years ago, the original Kian home world began to decay at a rapid rate and the Kians realized that, because of their societal construct, their planet was insupportable. Which led them to Ki, and inspired them to create the control planet experiments.

Many Kians work in the control planet industry, believing that through the control planets, they have the possibility to create a perfect planet, socially and environmentally, which would benefit all. This mindset leads them to overlook some of the not so nice parts of the experiment, including the fact that for a control planet to be “created” all existing life must be wiped from it first.

According to the Governance, there are 12 control planets, (in Kian slang, these are referred to collectively as The Arc – originally because of their layout in the galaxy) each with a different set of parameters. For example, one planet was taught that science was god, and religion. One planet was never given science. Control Planet 7, or Earth, was given both science and religion, and allowed, if not encouraged to fight over it. Only one control planet knew they were part of an experiment, but this information led them to rebel, and that planet was “wiped” and started anew.

Each of these control planets believe they are alone and unique, where in reality, they are almost genetically identical to their progenitors, save for the natural occurrence of evolution and adaptation over time. But “human” life and plant/animal life all come from the originators. And while one of the planets is left completely to its own devices (which one? No one knows), the rest are “guided” subtly by the controllers on Ki. Therefore language is always closely “guided” in order to maintain communications and productive observations.

Ki has maintained observatories on each control planet for the duration of the experiment, and using Consonance technology, have Weirs, “gates” or “portals” that connect each control planet to Ki.

At the beginning of the story, the observatory on Control Planet 7 (Earth) has gone “dark” meaning they can’t get any readings. The “gate” or weir is still open, but they are not receiving any transmissions.


Ilaektra “Starchaser” Zal is the youngest Sergeant in the history of the Planetary Guard, and daughter of Titaen Zal, Commander of the airspace above Ki, and of all the Planetary Guard. She normally works routine shifts at the transfer center, supervising security of all transportation operations between Ki and it’s satellite, Ma. But her father recruits her for a mysterious mission that takes the two of them deep underground into the Guard headquarters and into a largely abandoned section he calls “The Arc Section.” When she realizes the mission is unsanctioned, she is hesitant, but her father explains to her that he has received information about “prepping” “control planet 13” and that he “isn’t going to let that happen.” When Ilaektra, who believes in the control planet experiments, asks him why, he informs her that in order to begin a new control planet, all previous life will be wiped, to which Ilaektra answers, “So?”

Before her father is able to find the proof he needs or give his daughter any more information, they are attacked and Commander Zal is executed on sight.

Apprehended, Ilaektra is accused of being a part of the rebel group her father (apparently) led, and when she denies it, is given a choice: public execution that her mother and brother will have to watch, or a fake execution and a secret mission to control planet 7 in order to re-establish the observatory. She of course takes the fake execution and secret mission, where she finds herself being sent via Consonance technology to Control Planet 7, A.K.A Earth, where she eventually meets Isaac Wayland, an ex marine turned observatory “guard” who has gone AWOL after learning about the experiments.


At the beginning of the story, Ilaektra is pro “Control Planet” but her time on earth, and the mysterious, wounded soldier Isaac she meets there, make her begin to see the “human” side of the experiments, and how much the people of the control planets stand to lose.


Through the rebel faction she eventually learns that “Control Planet 13” is actually Ki, her home world, and that while they have been led to believe they are the controllers and the ones who run the experiment, they are just another branch of the experiment. One that is too successful for it’s own good, therefore Ki will soon be “wiped”.


Troubles on Earth are also brewing, and because of Ilaektra’s very presence, the earthlings are becoming aware of the experiment, which means they will also be in danger of being wiped. Ilaektra is torn, on one hand she wants to return “home” and save “her people” but her love of Isaac makes her face the reality that earth is “her people” too. Can she save both planets? Or will the Governance once again succeed in their endeavor?

But an even greater danger looms just beyond the horizon, because of the rebellion, the Governance considers destroying the entire Arc…. And if Ki isn’t the Governance, then who is?


“I have so many projects going, I haven’t had time to work on this, but it is something I would like to read, so hopefully someone gets inspired. Let me know what you create.”

– Amber Seree

Story idea written by Amber Seree.

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Artwork by Michael Gizienski.

  • Beautiful artwork!

    • Glad you like it! I figured its what Ki might look like, with a portal in the capital

  • Christmas Snow

    Very creative settings and story-idea.

    What if Ilaektra decides to sabotage the portals on Earth and Ki, as a way to ban the controllers from fast access to those planets and compel them to take the long route? The people on both planets will eventually be ready for attack by the time the controllers arrive.

    I would add a side-story of a scientist on Earth. He/she is aware of the experiment, and finds undeniable correlation between Biblical events and milestones of past experiments on Earth. The scientist must be among the first to know about the experiment, or else the controllers will take action and his/her plan to sabotage the portals will not work. The scientist initiates contact with Ilaektra, offers his assistance and reveals his/her plan to her.

  • Could the Governance actually be on Earth, or is that a silly and obvious twist?

  • Caitlin

    Can I use this idea?!

    • Sure. All the ideas on the site are free for anybody to use as they see fit. It it makes you famous though, be sure to mention us in your Time Magazine interview 🙂

  • Blake T 1

    At a glance it looks like The Hunger Games franchise but on an interplanetary scale and with aliens. However there is a lot more potential to explore (though The Hunger Games is good, I am not criticizing or condemning The Hunger Games).