Starting Point: The Aksu Nomad


The first nomad was reported in western China, near the city of Aksu on the old silk road. A portal had opened up on the Kyrgyzstani border, and he had hiked almost a hundred kilometres across the desert and the mountains of the Tian Shan.

It was a sensational news story. All around the world, people were trying to figure out where he’d come from, and why. There was talk of hoaxes and conspiracies, government cover-ups and police aggression The Aksu Nomad had been shot dead on sight by Chinese police, as were the Eagle Rock Nomad and the Albuquerque Nomad in the following weeks. People were scared and confused, and understandably so.

By the time one of the creatures could be captured alive – the famous Faroe Islands Wildman – sightings had been reported in seven countries on five separate continents.

How would you continue this story? Where do the nomads come from and what is their reason for visiting our world?

Let us know your ideas in the comments section below.

  • John H Reiher Jr

    What was troubling about the Aksu Nomad was the lack of differentiation between the individuals. While humanoid, they were all nearly identical to each other. And while their genetics was for a time impenetrable, researchers finally cracked their genetic code and came to the realization that each of the nomads were clones.

    This raised several questions, none that the captured nomad would answer beyond “Aksu erfy! Aksu aman! Aksu! Aksu! Aksu!”

    Thus the appellation “Aksu Nomad”. He, and to the best anyone could tell, he was a he, was also a clone. What diversity there was in their genetic code was chalked up genetic damage over time. Still, he could process about a third of earthly proteins and a tenth of the sugars, so he didn’t starve.

    Aksu, as he was called, spoke a language that was for all intents and purposes, gibberish. Philologists and brain specialists posited that since he was an alien, with alien speech centers. The grammar his language followed would not be a human or earthly one. It didn’t help that his digestive track produced more vocalizations than he did during his captivity.

    His purpose, his reason for visiting our world was a mystery. The other versions of his self were corralled and detained. Eventually they were allowed to gather together in hopes that their conversations, which would be recorded, would lead to a better understanding of their language.

    The get together ended in a bloodbath.

    At first they were cordial and spoke to each other. It was only until the last of the nomads had joined the group, did trouble start. They bellowed at each other, screaming invectives or just wordless screams. Then, they clashed together and fought using whatever came to hand. By the time security had entered the scrum, only one remained, badly broken and bleeding out his wounds.

    He smiled, or at least bared his teeth, and said “Aksu Nama! Aksu te Yho!” before expiring.

    Who they were, where they came from, and most of all, why they did what they did, was a mystery…

    Until the new Aksu nomad appeared in Central Park, New York…

    • An interesting development, John. Maybe they were sent out to spread their ‘pure’ genes.
      However, I think you missed that the first nomad was called the ‘Aksu Nomad’ because it was found near the city of Aksu in China.

      • John H Reiher Jr

        Whoops and I looked to! Maybe… ah… I got nothing.

    • Etranger

      … where he settled down quite happily amongst the homeless, who adopted him as one of their own. Indeed, several seemed to be able to converse with ‘Aski’ quite fluently.

  • Quote” The Aksu Nomad had been shot dead on sight by Chinese police, as were the Eagle Rock Nomad and the Albuquerque Nomad in the following weeks. ”

    The most scary thing of this premise is Chinese police shooting anything near the Eagle Rock and near Albuquerque.

    I could accept Aliens appearing form rifts…but Chinese Police shooting them in the US…Now that is some serious fiction.
    Without the Aliens perhaps even plausible?

    • Lol. Well spotted Vanessa. It originally said “shot dead on sight by police”. This is what happens when you edit something in a rush and don’t proof it. 🙂

      • The thing I got an immediate flash back to the original Red Dawn Movie. And of course the Sixth Column by Heinlein (one of my all time fav SF stories) Both have “Chinese” in the US… So I had these images of Chinese troopers using the same rifts finally having a way to deploy their immense army anywhere.
        You know the biggest military is worthless if it can not project its force (Like an Air craft carrier group can, or ballistic missile subs)
        While the core story seed didn’t really do much for me…Your “edit” kept my imagination spinning…

  • The alien nomad stood on top of the hill. The hot,searing wind tugging on his once white garment brought powdery fine ashes, and the smell of death.
    He had come to this world just like his brothers to bring them the gift of travel and end this species isolation.
    He wept, this had never happened on any of the thousand world they visited before.
    They did not visit the rifts to travel and visit a thousand beautiful worlds to share art and song. To exchange knowledge and all the wonderful secrets of life. No these monkeys first fought each other and then took their brand of culture to the other worlds.
    Purelian flowers, once know to sing in unison with the stellar winds crushed under the heavy tracks of tanks, and boots.
    The Akyrie, delicate beauties tending a world that was cherished as a paradise, now a torched inferno. With nothing alive but the soulless wind spreading radioactivity and deadly decay to the last corners of this world.
    The primates of Earth had taken the secret of rift building and now spread like a disease of utter destruction to every world.
    The killing of the first nomads should have been a warning…

  • Paulo R. Mendes

    That is a great starting point! 🙂

  • Alexander G.R

    ailen with a mormon like religon-easy

  • Sedat Engin

    Actually these nomads came to our world because of an addressing failure in some aliens’ inter galactic teleportation system placed another galaxy. Instead of planet-X they are unintentionally being sent to our earth. In the beginning they had no reason to visit our world but after shootings and some discoveries few nomads turned back from same portal in order to report that earth has many potential sources. So now they start to come back in bigger groups. Some good guys needs to find a way to travel back from these portal and delete the connection to earth while some others fight to defend the world. But unfortunately when the mistake is corrected after many heroic actions by our people who travelled through portal, they will have no option but to stay in that galaxy forever.