Science Fiction Role-Playing Games at Ongoing Worlds

So far, we haven’t talked much about role-playing games on SciFi Ideas. As part of Big Ideas Week, I thought it would be a good idea to take a peek at some of the play-by-post games currently running at Ongoing Worlds (

Ongoing Worlds is a website that makes it easy to create and run your own play-by-post RPG, and to take part in games created by others.

There are currently several science fiction games taking place at Ongoing Worlds. While a few are the standard Star Trek/Star Wars fanfiction RPGs, there are also a number of original science fiction stories taking shape…

Blue Dwarf

Blue DwarfRunning for several years before the creation of Ongoing Worlds, Blue Dwarf is the website’s longest running and most popular play-by-post game.

This is a story-based roleplaying game based on the sci-fi TV series Red Dwarf. The crew aren’t heroes, they’re just normal smegheads trying to survive in a dangerous universe.

Trapped on the wrong side of the galaxy, the crew have been in stasis for 3 million years, waiting for the Cadmium II radiation to subside. Now they’ve been woken, but the Blue Dwarf isn’t exactly how they’ve left it. They have to re-explore the ship they’ve known as their home, but they’re not alone.

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HMS Sovereign

HMS SovereignRunning since Sept 2010

Earth’s first spaceship to leave our solar system – the HMS Sovereign. A British built, universally crewed vessel designed to reach Proxima Centauri – the closest star to our own.

About a mile long, and a quarter mile wide, she has enough crew space for everyone on board, and more. Outfitted with cryostasis pods, the 20 year mission is going to need many capable hands.

The ship has an experimental drive, known as the QT (Quantum Tunneling) drive, which warps the molecular signature of the ship, allowing it to double its normal speed. At least, that was the theory. In reality, it allowed the ship to break this barrier, and reach a final speed of 64c. No one has yet figured out how this is possible, but the original mission takes precedence over this.

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A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle In Time RPGRunning since Jan 2012

You are part of a group of people who have been abducted by the government and placed in a large windowless room. In the center of this room is a kind of vest, placed on a pedestal. None of you know what to make of it so you leave it alone.

You are given plenty of water and food that could be considered gourmet, but day after day you are still trapped in this metal box. You fear sooner or later you will go insane.

After what you assume is two weeks, you hear a noise at the single door leading outside the room. Then you see the telltale sparks of welding. You are being sealed into this place…

The next day, a voice comes from the ceiling speakers, which you just now notice. It say’s, “The Vest Is Your Key To Freedom. Learn what it is or die in this room. You will only be fed for two more days.”

Everyone scrambles to the vest to find that inside is a small dial with a digital screen above it. The vest itself is quite heavy because there are computer components of some kind inside it.

One of the group – Logan Kane – puts the vest on. You all are afraid that you will lose out on getting freed and just then Logan turns the dial. It reads 2040, and a woman’s computerized voice repeats the numbers. “You have chosen twenty-forty. Please standby.”

Suddenly, Logan is gone. No flash of light, no boom, just poof.

You are now almost at the edge of despair. Is he the lucky one? Will we all die in this pla… You are cut short by the sudden reappearance of Logan. He is out of breath. Huffing and puffing he says, “Damn, they were trying to kill me!” He opens the vest and points at a red button marked ‘Recall’. “I’m lucky I pressed that button when I did, and I think I was in the future…”

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The Stars

The Stars RPGRunning since Oct 2011

It is the year 2432 and Earth is covered with sprawling megacities, some as large as countries. The people of Earth have established many colonies across the stars but still have seen no signs of life. But there is lots of unrest and many citizens have turned to a life of crime. Bounty hunters take the criminals in and disapline them when neccessary. Most police forces have been corupted by power and wealth, along with polaticians, but some still perform their duties respectfully. This RP takes place on Tandia, the latest planet to be colonized by Earth, where corruption has not yet taken control but still lingers.

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Blue Tide

Blue Tide RPGRunning since Jan 2012

Welcome to a world just like Earth. The year is 2999 and. After much research, the Earthians have discovered life on various planets, within and outside the Earth’s solar system. The perfect planet seems to have been discovered – the “Blue Planet”, also referred to as Affera. It has an extremely similar eco-system, and large plants and trees, which supply oxygen. It is even devoid of a similar native species – the perfect place to set up civilization.
However, after years of peaceful life between the many different species of humanoid inhabitants, something began to stir beneath the foundation of life on the Blue Planet (so named after its many bountiful blue forests and lakes, and of course, the deep blue sky).
Are the government hiding secrets from the inhabitants? Will the different races turn against each other in fear? Who are the Cerulean Brotherhood? And what is that odd pattern beginning to form in the center of the famous ‘Lake Albion?’

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Tanis: Year One

Tanis RPGRunning since Jan 2012

By the middle of the 22nd century literally thousands of extra Solar planets with conditions that might support life had been discovered. Most had gravities higher than Earth, what were known as Superearths. Such worlds tended to have floating crustal movement. Earth’s population had skyrocketed to 12 billion. Global warming was increasing with no end in sight. The governments of Earth had no recourse but to make plans for a number of interstellar missions aimed at the preservation of the human race.

Earlier in the 21st century (2072 to 2095) dozens of interstellar probes, nicknamed Comet Class XS probes had been launched. They were designed to reach speeds around 25% of the speed of light. At a predetermined point the main probe scattered multiple probes bound for various systems along its trajectory. Tanis was some 127 LY distant. Its probe had not even reached the system when the Tanis mothership was launched in 2147, some 60 years after the probe was launched (2087), and altered course when one of the probes scattered by the main probe sent back telemetry of a viable system.

The mothership was designed to reach a speed of 10% of the speed of light. It took some 1357 years for your ship to reach the new world. Only 5000 colonists were sent on the mission (kept in deep sleep) – about 25 times what was needed to start a new civilization, but thousands of “near perfect” human embryos were stored in its cargo hold. It was the crew’s job to build the colony and prepare the way for the children.

In 2337 the Tanis mission began the trajectory changes that would guide it toward its destination. 17 years later all communication with Earth was lost. There was no turning back. A little over halfway there, the ship’s sytems began to suffer their first failures. High energy cosmic radiation began to take a toll on the ship and the colonists. The flight crew was forced to awaken engineers in attempts to modify the shielding to survive the trip.

At the end of the journey, most of the flight crew had died of old age or hibernation unit failures. Most of the cryogenic and propulsion engineers suffered the same fate. Of the original colonists only 1500 survived. In its degraded condition the mothership made a poor orbital insertion and ended up crashing into the planet.

The flight crew had many years to plan for contingencies, and they planned well. Two major plans were made. One was ejecting hibernation units to the three most viable sites detectable upon final approach. The other was having units eject after crashing, and using the carcass of the ship to construct the colony.

Welcome to Tanis. On Earth the year would be 3504. Here it is Year One.

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Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie RPG OGWRunning since Sept 2010

The year is 2012. The sounds of the EAS (Emergency Alert System) wakes you up out of a sound sleep and you here over and over again.

This is not a test, this is the emergency broadcasting system to inform you that a terrorist attack is within minutes to your area. Do not panic, go to one of the safe areas that is posted on screen. Stay tuned in to this channel.

That message was just hours ago. Where are you?

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Galaxy Realms

Galaxy Realms RPGRunning since Jan 2012

GalaxyRealms is a Sci-Fi RPG, explore a unique universe. Jam packed with action, exciting characters and just as many exciting planets and worlds.

Unfortunately, this game’s description doesn’t tell us any more than that.

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To create your own play-by-post RPG at Ongoing Worlds, go to and follow the instructions there, or browse the list of current games (in multiple genres) to see what others are playing.

Thanks to Dave and to all the roleplayers at Ongoing Worlds for letting us share this content.