Top Tourist Destinations of the New Worlds Project Setting

In 2501, two major interstellar powers, the Terran Democratic Republic and the Gohorn Directorate end a century of peace administered by the Organisation for Interstellar Peace. For the first time in a century, the populations of the Milky Way Galaxy will discover the horrors of war. The guardians of peace, the Terrans, the Gohorns, the Rosebourg Monarchy, and the Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds get dragged into all-out interstellar war. It is the beginning of an intricate and complex project to develop a new sci-fi saga.

New Worlds Project, a non-profit based in Brussels, Belgium, and Salt Lake City, Utah, moderates its web-based science-fiction community based on a unique setting developed collaboratively by fans of science-fiction. The community offers a place for science-fiction writers, artists, musicians, and their fans to work and develop a variety of creative projects based on a canon nurtured by the community itself. These are some of the homeworlds that have helped to inspire a decade-long storytelling effort…

Top Tourist Destinations of the New Worlds Project

Why settle for boring destinations you’ve already visited or seen in your local movie theatre when you can visit some great alien destinations? Here are the Organisation for Interstellar Peace’s top destinations for 2514. And don’t let the first interstellar war in a century stop you!


Capital City of the Rosebourg Monarchy

Arnou New Worlds Project

Located on Beta Hydrae, the capital city of the Rosebourg Monarchy certainly earns its name as the crystal city. Its towering high rises look like shards appearing from the ground. And don’t let the cold planet’s temperature averaging -20 to 15 degrees Celsius fool you, the Navaks who populate the planet and call it home love a good party. And who can fail to notice the resemblance between the Navaks and human mythology around the Elves? If you like a great mix of winter sports, great parties, more royalty per square kilometre – then Arnou should top your destination list!

Luna Minoris

Capital of the Luna Minoris Confederacy and the Taurii


Luna Minoris is proof that first impressions don’t count, the planet may look like a sci-fi movie’s worst nightmare with its metal infested planet surface, but Luna Minoris is the next economic superpower of the galaxy and that sense of optimism radiates throughout the planet. It is the ultimate destination for a city trip giving you more interstellar diversity than anywhere else in the universe. Great shopping, dining, and a planet that never sleeps!

The Capital City

Capital of the Gohorn Directorate

CapitalCity_Banner copy

If its physical exertion that you’re looking, or the feeling that everything is running at military precision, don’t let the Gohorn’s serious exterior and burly muscles fool you, their Capital City may have more soldiers than they have civilians but the Capital City is a fantastic place to practice your latest martial arts or get the low-down on the art of war. And no other planet in the galaxy quite make up for the Gohorn’s ability to provide the best show in military pomp and circumstance. But what makes this place so fantastic is the imagination the Gohorns put in competitive sport. Weight-loss guaranteed!

The Grand Forest of the South

Capital of the Acadanans

GrandForest_Banner copy

Whilst no one can agree on whether to call them Acadanans or Anacadans, one thing everyone can agree on is that no one keeps their planet more pristine than this plant species. Their forests may be host to billions of Acadanans, but no one would know the difference. Every nature lover would be gobsmacked by the savvy mix of technology and natural beauty of this planet. It’s a great place for a retreat and to be reconnected with breathtaking nature, and with an Acadanan guide at your side, it even talks back at you!

Visier’s Pride

Capital of the Dividians

Visiers Pride New Worlds Project

If city-tripping, sports, or nature just isn’t your thing, perhaps a bit of spiritual revival will be the theme of your next vacation and there is no better place for spirituality than Divid, a planet which prides itself on faith. The religious retreats are plentiful and you can lose yourself in spiritual walks in the cavern cities. The rays of light coming from outside of the surface are bound to connect you with the visiers.


Capital of the Avrans

Los_Banner copy

The Avrans may be a conquered species of the Rosebourg Monarchy but their ascendance as the economic powerhouse has made the Avran homeworld one of the great places to visit. The austere construction style is offset by the natural warmth of the Avrans and the caste system still in place has led to districts which feel completely different from one to the next. The mix between Avran and Navak culture makes it a real treat for the cultural tourist.

Sao Paolo

Capital of the Terran Democratic Republic

Sao Paolo New Worlds Project

Earth with its cultural diversity and rich history is still a popular destination for aliens and should also be for humans too. Sao Paolo, the capital of the Terran Democratic Republic overtook New York and several other cities to become Earth’s seat of power. The ultra-modern construction style clashes with some of the more historic cities of Earth.

Article written by Kim Leonard Smouter.

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  • Steven Lyle Jordan

    Sao Paolo, huh? I guess it wrested the position from Atlanta in the 2300s.

    • Surely Atlanta will be underwater and populated by mermaids/merpeople by then

      • New Worlds Project

        It’s a story which remains to be written… what happens to places like Atlanta! 🙂

  • Paulo R. Mendes

    It’s “São Paulo”, not Sao Paolo… 🙁