Introducing the New Planet Generator

planet generatorOver the past few weeks I’ve been working hard to create a new random generator for the SciFi Ideas website. It’s called the Planet Generator, and it’s just gone live!

My aim for the Planet Generator was to do for planets what the Alien Species Generator does for alien races – that is to randomly create unique and interesting descriptions to inspire science fiction writers and other creative types. Like the Alien Species Generator, the Planet Generator gives short written descriptions, and randomly generates names for these worlds too. To make the generator more comprehensive, I’ve also set it to show the name of the star system in which the planet resides (this has been accomplished by use of our existing Star System Name Generator).

There are already a lot of useful planet generators out there, but this one is different. Other generators tend to focus on science and mathematics, giving precise details about mass, climate, etc. in the form of numerical values. That’s great for some people, but I wanted to focus more on creative descriptions. Here at SciFi Ideas we’re in the business of sparking the imagination!

You can find the new Planet Generator by looking under “writing resources” in the top menu bar. There you’ll see a menu subheading under which all our random generators are listed. Or, you could just click this link.

Here’s an example of what the planet generator does:

Planet Name: Lyca IV
Location: Lyca System
Description: A terrestrial world with few geological features. The surface of the planet is mostly rocky desert, but two large seas sit in the equatorial region. The seas are joined by a series of rivers, each several thousand miles long. Tidal forces pull water from one sea into the other and then back again once per lunar cycle. The flood plains created by this regular shift in sea level are home to the planets only land-based lifeforms - amphibious invertebrates and fungi.

Refresh the page to generate a new planet

I hope you find the generator useful, and please do check out the other generators on the site.

Mark Ball

  • James Pailly

    It gave me a gas giant planet with an oxygen-argon atmosphere. That has some interesting implications. You can’t have an oxygen atmosphere without some kind of life form to replenish the oxygen.

  • Nolan

    Planet Name:ladarua


    A planet with a very high level of caffeine in the atmosphere a strange creature lurks in its caffeine filled oceans its entire face is a mouth also coffe bean trees grow on the planet the entire tree is edable a setteler said the trees taste like kit kat

  • Sci fi dude

    Planet Name: Rathan

    System Name: Axglin

    A Extremely Hot planet but still able to sustain