Artifexian: Formation of the Solar System

Edgar began this series of worldbuilding videos with a quote by Carl Sagan – “If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” The quote is a favourite among worldbuilders. If you want to create a realistic fictional world, you must first understand the physics of the universe it inhabits. If you want to design a planet for a science fiction story, you really should begin by learning about how planets and star systems form in real life.

Through his first nine videos, Edgar has taught us a lot about some of the larger items that exist in his worldbuilding kitchen – stars, galaxies, superclusters, etc. The oven is on, the fridge is stocked with apples, and we’ve got our wooden spoons at the ready. Before we start baking our apple pie, let’s take a look at grandma’s old recipe book to see how the pros did it.

In his next video, Edgar will be expanding on this cosmic cookery lesson with tips on how to create your own planetary system. This is a complicated recipe, and there’s maths involved, so be sure to watch all the videos if you want to become a worldbuilding MasterChef.

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