Inspiration Gallery #0314

This month’s Inspiration Gallery showcases the fantastically imaginative artwork of illustrator Frank R. Paul.

Frank R. Paul was a big name in science fiction publishing during the early to mid 20th Century. His illustrations adorned the covers of many classic comic books and science fiction magazines, including Amazing Stories and the very first issue of Marvel Comics.

In 1939, pulp fiction magazine Fantastic Adventures commissioned Paul to produce a series of speculative depictions of how life might have evolved elsewhere in the solar system. Little was known about the planets back then, giving him an almost entirely blank slate to work from. While some of his assumptions might seem absurd and out-dated to the modern science fiction fan (like, for example, that Pluto would “most likely be inhabited by winged bat-people”), the resulting images certainly are imaginative, original, and we hope you find them inspiring too.

Mercury - Frank R Paul

Venus - Frank R Paul

Mars - Frank R Paul

Jupiter - Frank R Paul

Io - Frank R Paul

Saturn - Frank R Paul

Uranus - Frank R Paul

Neptune - Frank R Paul

Pluto - Frank R Paul


Artwork by Frank R. Paul

  • I love artwork like this!

  • MrEBL

    The man from mars looks cool!