Creature Concept: The Storm Bringer

The storm bringer by Kevin Yan

Artist’s description:

This creature, the storm bringer, is so gigantic that its respiration causes strong distubance in the atmosphere. Bad weather usually follows.

The interesting thing about this artwork is this monsterous alien is stomping around on Earth (or a low-tech Earth-like colony perhaps). How did it get there?

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Artwork by Kevin Yan. Originally posted to DeviantArt.

  • Perhaps advanced aliens begin to attack Earth, but instead of fighting us directly, they used the Storm Bringer, which they genetically engineered and created to attack us.

    • Lark Witherington

      So Storm Rim. ( Pacific Rim joke!)

      • Never watched it so I dunno.

        • Lark Witherington

          WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You HAVE to see it!

  • Lark Witherington

    Due to a horrible experiment gone wrong, A group of scientists open up a Interdimensional portal, which keeps growing and releasing storms into the atmosphere. Meanwhile, the Storm Bringer’s Migration leads it right into the Portal, which brings it to earth. It’s storms disrupt all electronic devices within 28 miles, permanently breaking them. It’s diet of flying creatures cause it to begin eating any airplanes or helicopters in its path. It begins smashing buildings and thousands of humans, causing the world’s governments to attack. They send Missiles and Tanks, with no effect. It stays on earth for months, Eliminating all humans in its path. It’s life on earth cause it to cover earth with deadly storms, also killing thousands of lives. When it reaches the Atlantic ocean, it just wades through it. Once it gets to deeper waters, it reveals it can breath underwater through its skin. When it opens it mouth, it sucks in hundreds of gallons of water, Creating a whirlpool on the surface. In about 4 years, it has made the human species nearly extinct, but when it reaches the portal it appeared from, it walks right back in. Once it is in, scientists from around the globe use a dangerous machine to close the portal, saving the human race. The human race went from 7 Billion to 2 Thousand in just 4 years, which makes humans think about their actions to animals, and how they make species go extinct every day.

  • Imagine seeing 2 of these have sex.

  • TheQuestionMark

    The “The Storm Bringer” as the people of Earth colony world Asrha call it is believed to be one of the eldest creatures in the galaxy , scientist from the Ishmari Corporation , the main contributor to the colony s development believe that Asrha was once a planetoid that had no atmosphere and it was colonized by an very advanced civilization that created the Storm Bringer to create the atmosphere and maintain it . They also theorized that the creatures creates an electric field under the quise of storm clouds as a means of defense . The creatures is a common sight to the locals as it travels around the planet . The creature in nature is pasive but if threatend it could destroy an entire city with one breath .

  • Marquis McMillan

    Could I use this in a short? Give you full credit and wait for your final ok?

    • Sure thing. All the ideas on the site are free to use