Creature concept: Osteonimbus

When Mark handed command of SciFi Ideas over to me for a week, he asked not to post any alien concepts as he’s saving them up for this year’s Alien August event. But I just couldn’t resist publishing this cool little fella! If you’re writing a story today how about including him in it?

Alien Osteonimbus, a floating alien

Artist’s description

Osteonimbus got its name for the bony protusions throughout its body and its abiliy to float like a cloud.

This unusual creature lives in the harsh climate on planet Glacia. It’s unique because unlike other creatures, Osteonimbus carries it’s own ecosystem, made up of bacteria and algae, which absorb solar energy to produce several hot gasses, which in turn keep the creature warm in the cold environment and allow it to float through the air, much like a cloud. It expels excess gasses through tubes around it’s hindquarters, to decrease airpressure of built up gasses and uses this to propel itself through the air.

Large veins attached to the creature’s ‘Greenhouse sacs’ collect heat from its back and transfers it to the creature’s body.

How would you use this creature in a sci-fi story? Perhaps write something short in the comments below, or submit it to us for consideration for our featured story section.

Artwork by Robert Powell.

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